Humble Bundle Duelyst Edition


Check out this Humble Bundle featuring Duelyst content! New players can get some sweet orbs and even older players can get Keeper of the Value and Cosmetics :smiley:


Nice one CPG, especially the boost for newer players might be good to ease the start for them.


tfw your account is too old to receive 20 free orbs


So as someone who has been playing for ~1 week I’m unable to claim the orbs yet have opened fewer than 20, is there a way to wipe my account and create a new one? :confused:


So uh, how exactly to you redeem these codes? They don’t work through Steam…


In the settings there is an option ‘redeem gift/referal code’ add it there.


Great job, Counterplay!
Even without the 20 Orbs, you gain a lot for free. The card back looks cool and a free Keeper of the Vale is awesome. I don’t like the alternate skin that much (I love how HumbleBundle says “Keeper of the Value” :wink: ) but it’s free…


Guys I got a shiny pokemon :smile_cat:


Ty for the cosmetics part of bundle
My account is too old for the free orbs… Can i give my code of the 20 orbs to a new player???


And older players are still waiting for the “compensations” we’ve been talked about.


You can :smiley: Your free to do what you want with the other part of the codes.


How “new” does one have to be to get the free orbs? I have some friends who started more recently than I have and am wondering if it will work for them.


The account has to be created After 15th September.


I don’t get the card back and the emotes. Only the Keeper.

Please, someone explain.


have you gone in game and looked at the emotes you can send your opponent? cause they dont show up in the armory at all.


Great deal for new players but a bit of a shame for people who started playing at the Steam launch since it was promoted pretty heavily a month ago. I personally joined at the end of August so I’m considering just making a new account at this point since it’s unlikely I’ll catch up card wise :frowning:


Ummm…so you’re saying I can go create 50 gmail accounts and 50 Duelyst accounts and net 1000 orbs, for example? That doesn’t seem right…

Edit: Yeah, I meant giving all the codes to one account. Thanks @Caelorum
2nd Edit: Not able to be abused! Thank goodness…I was worried for no reason.


thaaank youuuu :laughing:


Orbs aren’t shareable.


Better tell @Ryvirath