Huge amounts of lag in shim'zar


i just started playing shim’zar and noticed it’s very laggy and keeps freezing when i finish a game. Is this just a bug involved with problems on release?


It just started. An hour ago it was fine, now I pretty much can’t do anything, game is stuck.

[Edit: after restarting the game I can no longer log in]


ok, is it fun with the new cards though?


Its a known issues guys, we are working with it.


Very fun! I’ve been playing Cassy. Funnily enough I actually haven’t won a game with Obliterate yet, it’s all been Ghost Azalea. Ooz and Inkhorn Gaze are surprisingly good. New Abyssal Crawler is broken as fuck.


i don’t have the dust to make new cassy. I’m hoping i get some good cards from future packs. my first one was a 1 rare-4 common pack :frowning:


i was also just looking at the cards and realized the kind or brought old sarlac back. I’m excited to make abbysian swarm


Yeah, I’ll definitely give swarm a shot too. I’m not sure if that card is good enough though. The only way it’s better than Sarlacc is due to it being 2 mana. The drawbacks of spawning in a corner and not being able to direct it isn’t worth 1 mana IMO.

I still can’t log in at all. The message says matchmaking is disabled, which leads me to believe other functions of the game should still work? Am I the only one that can’t log in?


i couldn’t log on for a while, then i could for some reason. since it said matchmaking was down, i tried practice mode. its down too. its stupid. im gonna wait a few days until they fix this


sarlac was once 2 mana and was too op so they nerfed him to 3, that’s why they had to add that drawback


now that the servers are stable i’ve noticed that the animations in the collection are slower. is this intended or a bug?