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Hows the game doing?


I been gone for a few months just wondering if worth coming back to

how is the state of the game, population mainly?

is there a lot of active tournaments at the time being?



Not the usual slowly dying though.


Tournaments wise, the official rewards system has been changed/dropped so there isn’t really been many tournaments since then. The biggest tournament going on is the Meltdown League (around 60-70 players I believe) which started this week but I think people are still able to join (Meltdown League Last Chance).

Population wise, its still going downwards but I wouldn’t say its exactly how Flygon has said it. If you are high ranked then its likely you are going to have mismatches between yourself and your opponent. But that’s nothing new really.


I haven’t seen any particular drop in wait times for ranked play in the standalone client yet (and I’m burning the midnight oil when I play) so there’s that.

Deck wise, I’ve heard there’s an influx of Wanderer and obelisk/fault play so keep that in mind when/if you begin you’re climb


Meta is dangerously close to its expiration date, but I still think its enjoyable.


population: no clue
game state: burnhorn, wanderfucker, khannedkuck, xor. everything else hardly works.
some memes that semi work:
rush chakram
vet silvertooth(or literally any meme hinging on a ramped 5 mana play cause rae celebrant makes it work)

tournament is meltdown league. best tourney we’ve had yet. donations and actual cash prize.


Strategos still works. Golem Zirix and Heal Zir’an are moderately strong. Midrange Kaleos is suffering, but pretty decent nonetheless. Combo Ragnora and Midrange Vaath are also good.


There are a lot and I mean A LOT of decks you didn’t mention. This format is quite open actually.


golem zirix works best with the cata-kha suite, so that doesnt count. those others you mentioned “work”, not “work well”. they’re practically memes to me


I currently run a variant with Sirocco instead of Kha because I’m broke, but I never really felt a need for it. While I do agree that Kha is undeniably stronger than Sirocco, I think Sirocco can hold its own ground as well. I’d even make an argument that Sirocco is quite underrated, especially now that AoE isn’t as popular. Also Worldcore kicks ass.


feels like everyone i meet on queue missed the memo tho :confused: sure there were calculator memes here and there at first, but there isnt much variance in the ladder from the meta decks these days


in the first week of meltdown league the most popular deck archetype appeared 8 times out of 66 decks, that is at least 9 different deck archetypes, most likely far more than that. there is a lot of choice in the current meta.

Here's some examples of Sirocco working out just fine against different matchups.


sorry man, i cant extrapolate enough from what you said, and even more so since im not updated on whats happening on meltdown.

the variety of the decks of entrants only says something about the participants(which btw, while selective, is a very small sample size), not the meta.

if the results show that something other than the 4 archetypes i mentioned surface to the top, then you are probably right.


I’ve ran Sirocco in one of my DW variants and it works well simply because there is hardly Magmar (beyond wanderer) from my experience on ranked. So it simply doesn’t get shut down by Plasma or Rebuke as often as it should. Not that Vet needs Sirocco to get by though.

Edit: In fact I don’t really remember much AoE in general being used, so its Sirocco’s time to shine for now.


I am also interested to see what the results from the weeks will be, although given the format it says more about what people are comfortable on than anything else (this is honestly a good thing for the game as it means that pilot skill is more important than deck choice).

something else to note is that the meta at the top has never reflected what is played in the rest of the ladder, the most obvious example is that swarm will always be played in bronze because new players can’t deal with it, another example would be that you said that xor is a good deck, when that is far from the case.


fair enough.

as for your additional note,
i guess i have been interchanging the concept of popular decks and meta decks pretty liberally. my bad.

it would be nice to see some new decks gain popularity through meltdown league. i find the four decks too popular from silver up to low diamond.

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