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How's my Vet decks?

So, in the wake of the undoing of rotation, I decided to try my hand at making some solid Vet decks, notably Obelysk, Dervish and Fault variants. I started playing this game straight after the rotation happened so I’ve never actually used any of the Shim’zar cards. Here they are:

So far, Pax has been amazing, but I’m sure you all knew how great he was. Khanuum-Ka combo’s with him quite nicely too.

I feel like I probably have too many 2 drops in the Obelysk deck. I tried sticking falcius in but I’m not sure if he’s good at 4 cost. Allomancer has been pretty nice. Not sure if wind slicer is worth running. I mean, he’s a solid 2 drop but I already have so many.

Thoughts? Changes I should make?

RIP Accumulonimbus. Your legacy will be remembered.


That single Portal Guardian looks really lonely. :upside_down_face:


I’ve only got 1 or I’d add another :joy:

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I’m guessing Accum is basically a dead card now that it costs 5. Bad tempo play on the first one, will take too long to get built up and the accum/Fireblaze combo now costs 8.

Honestly I’m ok with this. Decks were built around this single combo which was pretty rediculous.

I’m honestly not going to miss Accumulonimbus too much. I always found it a hassle to decide between a set of that and Thunderhorn LitD, so…


I’d rather have pax than Accum so it’s all good :joy:

Just pieced this together also :smiley:

Yeaa this fault deck is lit as fuck :grin::grin:

Honestly, I’m surprised Pax didn’t get nerfed. It’s insane value for a 2 drop.

maybe put rae in your fault deck? gotta feel the cheeze

We could sub in Rashas curse or gust for acculonimbus. I used to use gust and it won me some games.

Rashas curse also helps against generals that play artifacts.

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Well I’m running allomancers in their place. It’s slower but still pretty good. I may swap the bone swarms for rasha’s, although I don’t see many artifact heavy decks in the ladder currently.

How many decks running direct damage? 75% of my matches have been Spellhai / Vanar. 20% has been Magmar. The other 5% is a mix between Vet / Abyssian.


I’ve been playing a lot of the Khanuum/Fault deck on the ladder and this one feels strongest.

Between the obelysks, dunecaster and duskweaver, Vet was already capable of pretty strong opening plays. One card makes it far stronger though; Pax. This card, man. It’s rediculous. A 2/1 that spawns 2 2/2 Dervishes on death. That’s 6/5 for 2 mana, and the fact that you get dervishes as well is even better since you can buff them or use them for Khanuum fuel. ALWAYS run 3 of this in every Vet deck.

Allomancer supports the early to mid game with a decent body that can be tricky to answer and can sometimes give you a Fireblaze/Trygon which is great value.

Reassemble lets you reposition an Obelysk and/or remove dispel but it’s best use is to prepare a 0 cost Obelysk to play on the turn you play Fault.

Fault followed by Khanuum-Ka is the aim of the game here. Once these two are out the game is usually decided at that point.

Some cards I toyed with but didn’t make the cut:

Whisper of the sands
This ended up just sitting in my hand or getting swapped a lot of the time. Without the card draw it’s not that good and you generally don’t get to have a lot of obelysks on the board with how much removal there is. Plus, the 2 mana slot is already pretty crowded.

I didn’t really test this much but it doesn’t feel like that strong a play for 4 mana when you can be playing things like Allomancer, Thunderhorn, Lost in the Desert etc.

I think maybe using Trygon in the first fault deck over the allomancers would have a better value, and also maybe using Rasha’s curse in there… other than that I think its a good deck

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Well I only have a single trygon at the moment but yea, I can see it working pretty well. I’ll probably swap out the bone swarms for Rasha’s. I did also stick a portal guardian in (only got 1) as it’s actually very good now with the buff. An 0/8 turn 1 or 2 as player 2 that can easily get to 2-3 attack on the next turn, with frenzy, is a huge early threat, and it becomes rediculous if left unchecked when combined with obelysks, pax, fault etc. I’m definitely going to craft a full set as it fills the 3 slot very nicely

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