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How would Hearthstone's Doomsayer work in Duelyst?


Who is Doomsayer you ask? Here you go.

I’ve always found this card so interesting. It’s design it of acting like a delayed board clear if undealt with is so appealing to me. For you who never played the game, this is how the card basically functions:

  • you play it at T1 to prevent enemy from developing their own minion and as such are getting the advantage against aggro decks
  • you play it during midgame/late game on an empty board in control matchups to prevent an enemy from playing that one specific card for a turn
  • you play it slow decks, (notably combo ones) as a form of board clear by playing the card together with what is basically a global Tremor (yes, that card still exists).
  • you play it against stronger board despite having some board yourself to act as a quasi-provoke.

Now I’m sure there are more ways to utilize the card but this should give you the general idea of how it works. The point of the thread isn’t to discuss Doomsayer but instead how would a card with such effect work in Duelyst and does it even have a place in the game to begin with? What changes to it would have to be made to compensate for the existence of the board while still going with the theme of it being a zero attack minion that acts as a delayed board clear?

I’m really wondering how people feel about this card’s effect being applied to Duelyst, both the ones who are just now hearing of it and the ones who experienced it first hand in Hearthstone.


Oh yeah, I remember this one. Annoying AF.
If I had to implement this card in the game, I’d else make it “As long as this minion is on the board, destroy every minion near Doomsayer at the start of your turn” or “As long as this minion is on the board, destroy every minion near your General at the stary of your turn”.
But I would make it a 3 mana card.


If we had a Doomsayers just like the one in hearthstone, it might singlehandedly make aerial rift viable, just like how frost nova doomsayers works in hearthstone.


I would make his effect areal instead of global because of the grid.
If it was global then it’s too easy to protect since you can put it far away from enemy reach.


This idea reminds me of a Magic: the Gathering card called Child of Alara simply because it’s a creature (read minion) that can destroy pretty much everything else on the field.
Which makes me think another possible idea would be something like a 4 mana 2/5 that has Dying Wish: Destroy all minions. It’ll obviously feel much different since people won’t divert attention to it for the aforementioned pseudo- provoke(though it’s certainly dispel bait), but I think it’s a fair way for a single minion to be able to wipe the board.


It should only destroy nearby minions. Doomsayer isn’t overpowered because you can try to kill it. If the minion cleared whole board, you could drop it in the corner and hope that opponent doesn’t have ranged removal (which is really toxic design).


Since positioning is important, maybe some sort “shockwave” effect could be made that triggers at the end or start of your turn. Like deal X amount of damage to nearby minions and have the damage effect go outwards from the Doomsayer type card but decreasing in value. So something like 3 damage to nearby minions, 2 damage on the next space out, then 1 damage, then 0 for example. That way the minion can’t be simply placed in a corner out of the way and kill everything. But for balancing and mana cost purposes it’ll probably have to damage your own minions, otherwise if it just affect your opponent it’ll be priced at too high a mana cost. If a card like that were to exist.

Its brag Time guys
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In HS I almost every time have something to kill this one. You can remove it for 2 mana spell or only trade it, your minions stay healthy and you can play something else. If this card should be in Duelyst I would give it one more phrase : “This minion can be summoned only near your general.” or give his effect Zeal… It is my opinion and idea. :wink:


Lots of interesting ideas, but some of them seem to make the card stray too far from it’s original concept. I was thinking more of implementing some sort of rule where you need to place it near the enemy general or minion to ensure you can’t just put it in the back, and also lower the defense but while keeping the same cost so it can be played on T1.


As a global removal it would be fair.Doomsayer removes both sides units.Doomsayers is a control card it basically buys a turn.A cheap neutral board wipe would be good for the game.The only change need it would be a 0/6 or 0/5.I would lean towards 0/5.

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