How will 2v2 work?


In this thread about what people want for the future of Duelyst, 2v2 is popping up all the time; and I think we can all agree that if done properly, it’d be loads of fun and great for the community.

I’m asking you guys how you think CP should go about making a 2v2. it’d clearly have to have some new rules. Would the board be bigger, 7x9? how would general targeting effects work (i.e Shadowdancer) How would the turn order work? Mana tweaks? There are countless questions and I’m sure you guys have some well thought out solutions.

Also, as a sidenote, what general/ Deck archetype combo do you think would work best?


general targeting effects could hit one at random like effects that hit minions or one generals effects could always target the same general, only changing when that general is dead. that is if the generals have separate health. on a different note, what about abilities that buff generals like sunforge lancer. does it buff the general who owns it or both? can overload be cast on your allies general? i think it would be a good idea if earth sphere became a targeted spell in this format.

what really needs to be figured out is whether teammates will share units and turns simultaneously or whether they will alternate and keep things seperate (at least until one dies). should teammates be able to see each others hands? should they share decks when one dies? when one dies, do they keep playing? can you put artifacts on your ally, even if only after you’re dead?

personally i think that each side should use one faction since balancing multi-faction combos would be nearly impossible. though im conflicted since that would take half the fun out of it.

there should also be an improvement to in game chat since navigating menus to talk to your teammate would take too much time to strategize. with 2v2 they should increase the turn timer from 90 seconds to 120 seconds to let teammates discuss their turns.


I think teammates should alternate turns and not be able to see each others hands. I agree in game chat could be improved, but I’m conflicted as to whether it should show everything to everyone or let you talk to specific people (ie, your teammate). I lean toward anyone on either team can see anything posted in the chat, just because targeted messaging gives more of an advantage to people who prioritize 2v2 mode.

7x9 board would probably work best. It keeps the field from getting too crowded without sacrificing the things being balanced for a 5x9 board.

How does everyone feel about cards that only work in 2v2 or 1v1? I wouldn’t mind if they introduced those, though it’s probably be best if they wait until 2v2 has been out for a while.


Social Co-op Play. We’re working on systems for you and your friends to earn better rewards by playing together towards common goals and competing with other groups.


Notice the key word “Social” and how the whole thing is worded in general. I doubt it will include a game mode where 4 or more players gets to participate at once. It will probably be guilds of some sort.

But let’s assume it does happen. I hope there is more to in than simply playing 2v2 on a bigger board as it doesn’t really bring anything new when it comes to gameplay. It’s just the same game, but slower, with more participants and few extra rules and interactions that must exist in order for a 4 player game mode to work in the first place.


i think you need to be able to see your teammate’s hand to be able to cooperate at all. imagine if one player plays their whole hand but the other one was saving CoD and can’t cast it now without setting back their own teammate. when it could have been prevented by seeing their hand and being able to communicate. as for the general targeting effects, it could work like 2 headed giant in magic. everyone could start at a higher life total since there are multiple enemies, and abilities that target generals could hit both. just my 2 cents


Yeah that’s part of the strategy. There would presumably be a meta, same as 1v1, and you would plan your plays for what you expect your teammate and opponents to do. Also you could say it in the chat, but then the other team would know. Which could be worth it. Plus it adds bluffing to the game, which ties into it being a social mode.


you guys flagged my response as off topic just because you didn’t like what I said. Real mature.

The fact remains that 2v2 WILL NOT work because no one is going to play it because it will almost certainly be completely imbalanced. Since that is the question that you are asking I thought that I would answer it for you.


I’m not a huge fan of anything that is both ‘coop’ and ‘turn based’. It’s not like playing team games like Starcraft 2v2s where it’s real-time and you need multiple players to control everything effectively.

Deulyst 2v2 would feel very awkward (and a potential nightmare to balance)


Hiya, just realised this thread was up. I have something that might shed light on the matter. A few months ago I was chatting to our good friend KeithLee and he shared this. So social play isn’t going to be 2v2 per se, but will be this.

Time to theorise!


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