How To Rework Sand Sister Saon: A Humble Suggestion


After making a deck with Saon, I realised that tehould seriously use an overhaul. Therefore, I propse the following series of suggestions / reworks to make our Vetruvian Sister great again.

Suggestion 1: Grove Lion Lite
4 Mana
On your turn, your General has Forcefield.

This is a cheaper Grove Lion, but the Forcefield only works on your turn.

Suggestion 2: Flat out Attack
4 Mana
Your General has +3 Attack on your Turn.

While this sounds super broken at first glance, this is balanced by the fact that the 3 attack works only on your turn.

Suggestion 3: Reverse Saon
4 Mana
The enemy General has -1 Attack.

Those are just my humble ideas and suggestions to make Saon a viable card. If anyone else has ideas, please voice them below!



Suggestion 4: Mini Ankh

Your general has ranged.


thats more like ank with a body :stuck_out_tongue: and it should be Blast, not Ranged
My take: “enemies damaged by your general are dispelled”


I feel like blast is stronger than ranged on generals tbh. Especially with the way Vet positions.


I wanted to do Ankh, but I realised that Ankh is 3 mana. That means the body has to be 1-2 mana, which is only 4 stats (to be 4 mana).



I’ve said this in other threads but the card as it stands is laughable and the only one of the sisters that isn’t run purely on how bad it is rather than not fitting the archetype you’re building or a different card fits in better at the 4-mana level

All the seven sisters bar L’Kian have a persistent effect, so I think Saon would at least have to have one as well that in order to be considered rather than ‘do something this turn’.

I’ll throw my hands up and admit that I havn’t experimented much with some of the more interesting 4 drops in the game for Sajj decks (Unseven, Purgatos or even mirage master) but I feel like Saon is the missing link in either opening up Sajj to different playstyles or making her current playstyle more impactful. As it stands I’m struggling to see past Dioltas at 4 or maybe artifact hunter if that is the way you’re going. Tracer is nice sometimes as well.

I’m kind of interested to see what comes of the next patch as I believe that’s when we’ll see CP push her down a certain path in terms of archetypes, for better or for worse. Hopefully Saon can be changed to fit in to that somehow.


The last idea is very interesting and I would go for something like that. No on the forcefield or three attack. How about something that lowers the attack of all enemy minions.

Playing her tongue has a okayish effect but I would increase her to a 3/5


The 7 Sisters are mostly designed to synergize & combo with an archetype, it adds to your play when you use spell damage or heal or summon infiltrate, weakening enemies doesn’t really fit in. It should probably improve artifacts, or have an effect when an artifact is equipped / removed.

I would be interested in a minion that could use the excess damage that your general deals. That way if you use Sajj’s BBS with frenzy to hit 3 wraithlings (12 damage), the wasted 9 damage is still useful (it could deal direct damage to the enemy general).


Would it be broken if the attack buff she provides was permanent, yet dispellable? It would be a nice buff and the lack of strong healing for Vets would make it relatively hard to abuse.


Actually i think that would be way more suitable if it was a opening gambit. Then the card would be played and also not broken


Perhaps make her reduce damage dealt to your general by 1 instead of increasing your attack? Then it would at least work as a combo card for Hexblade and somewhat help Sajj reduce damage from threats when using her bloodborn.


I think I prefer damage reduction tbh, it does have artifact synergry without being completely defined by it.

Do people feel that 2 (non-stacking) damage reduction would be too much?


Some toughts:

  • The needed saon
    3 or 4 mana
    3/3 (like the vetruvan treshold for playable minion, see falcius, zephir :wink: )
    Opening gambit: chose a minion, it becomes an obelisk.

ranged removal, finally, but that is too efficent for vets. I’m sorry.

  • A saon using her cannon
    3 mana
    At the end of your turn do 2 damage to all enemies in front of her (a weak blast, and some type of inefficent ranged removal, the way vet likes it :slight_smile: )

Saon, stop using your cannon as a prop.

  • general buff saon
    3 mana
    Opening gambit: when your general attack dispel the attacked minion before applying damage

(This works on any type of aoe and still, it’s inefficent, can’t dispel generals and make you lose the game with sajj because of the lack of healing while trading healt with her bbs. The way vet likes it again :wink: )

And last

  • squire saon
    3 or 2 mana
    The damage to your artifact is calcolated on this minion.

Something semi-useful, not a removal but can find some use and allows some artifact buff in the “artifact” faction other than the useless machinist (sorry, i love you little artifact plumber) and oserix and the “equip-more-at-random” cards.

(on a separate note: today i found oserix in a orb and i tought cpg released a new patch)


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