How to play this game?


I just actually can’t get 10 rank.
Every game is against abyssian(creep) or songai and i just can’t do anything.
Abyssian has a 4-drop with more than 10-10 stats and songhai just kills me on 3-4 turn.

I can’t play these decks myself because i don’t have enough good cards.
Basic dispel was also nerfed so it’s harder to play…
I don’t like gauntlet and i don’t like playing against guys with 100+ wins and very strong decks.

So what should i actually do?It isn’t really fun to play anymore.


What are you playing?

It took me a couple of months to get to rank 10 myself. Now I am comfortably at diamond. I believe you can get to rank 10 with just basic cards and maybe a couple of commons. If you tell us what you are playing, maybe we can help with what you are running.


Don’t worry, just play, do your daily quests, and rank will come in time. See how long it took me?

Sure, i was not playing as much sometimes, but i was doing my dailies regularly to collect cards.


its all about your dedication and love for the game … watch megamogwai on youtube he is currently showing budget decks for each faction


So what should i actually do?It isn’t really fun to play anymore.

Look at your replays and try to analyze your mistakes.
(Or even better: Ask somebody on the discord chat to have a look.)

Duelyst is a fairly complex game (especially compared to some of the other online CCGs) and takes practice.

Read some guides or watch some videos to get a better grasp on the strategy:

@kevin2hard: Agreed! MegaMogwai’s video guides are a great start.


I am using his decks right know.
But i win 2-3 games and start losing.

I make mistakes sometimes,but they wouldn’t change anything.I don’t play against very bad players so it is really hard to outplay them.
Maybe i am just unlucky,because my legendaries are not very useful and my starting deck is usually bad…

Anyway,which budget deck is the best for ranked?
I have problems with creep abyssian and songai,but no idea what deck to take to counter them.


Can you give me an example of your deck?


Sure, i’m on my mobile right now, i’ll post some tomorrow morning from my desktop!


Hi, here are some cheap decks that i used to get to gold, let me know if you miss some cards so we can make adjustments.

I recomment the Abyssian one, it’s cheapest and you can easily hit gold, if not diamond, with it.


Thx for replying.
Strange abyssian deck tho.
Anyway i have only 1 spectral revenant and 1 spectral blade.
I have also 3 reapers and 1 vorpal for abyssian.
P.S. How do you make these decklists?
UPD: Got it.


I am in the slow process of updating all my threads for the new patch, but other then Kara this should be a good start for you:


Trust me, these are not all that cheap considerin the Abyssian one runs 4 legendaries and is the most expensive. You’re better off finding full budget decks, one of those, played well will carry you to gold easily.


I have just got gold.4 wins with this deck without losing.
I just have already spelljammer and 1 spectral. I can also replace other with reapers,which are really good in my opinion.


I will check it.


to me magmar is the easiest deck to reach gold rank if u get at least two warbeast and a silithar elder u basically steamroll silver


hence why i make my saberspine tiger nerf -_- goddamn those tigers


No problem, replace Revenants with Shadow Reflection, Spectral Blade with Horn Of The Forsaken, and put Soulshatter Pact instead of Spelljammer and Voidsteals. It’s more vulnerable to boardclears, but but can finish an opponent very fast.

Very basic but effective deck actually.