How to modify your deck


this is guide how to modify your deck for duelyst if you are missing a card or want to find a better replacement for the card in your deck this is your guide


Haha that ending lols.

Good points as usual. I lately have been trying out a lot of Arcanyst things and they all have an Abyssmal matchup vs Abyssian. I don’t have any deathwatch synergy in my deck so Lilith gets all of the value for killing my swam. Obliterate is the only card other than Plasma Storm that practically unconditionally wipes my board. Lightbender is a good tech card vs Cass. If you dispel a large threat and also 2 or 3 creep tiles at the same time then it is a huge deal.


glad you like the ending lol

totally agree with you
arcanyst are cool but weak to any AOE because none of them has dying wish or force field maybe later will be release few cards like this even thought they are afraid it will be overpowered because of the health buff they can get


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