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How to make this work?


Recently had this idea…but i have no idea how i can make a deck around this idea that does not get completely obliterated in S rank.That is why i am asking for help


I’d swap Lilithe for Cass and start to fully work the Arcanyst package, mostly sinking into the Wraithcreep fusion package for your spells (Nocturne and loads of generators). As you begin to prohibit spells, think of taking Variaxx to shoot your BBS to cost 3.


Are you sure that that can hold its ground vs highly competetive decks piloted by highly competent players?


There’s a old thread called big arcanysts that also tried decks with magesworn+deathknell.

I don’t think it’s very competitive though.


Arc Abyss being competitive or not has little to do with Magesworn tho. In fact it has clear anti synergy with some of your best spells in the faction.


Nope, no assurances. All i can do is to point possible paths and go “oh gee, good luck there not dying.”


The first question is why do you want Magesworn with Death Knell?

Death Knell means Arcanyst. Arcanyst usually want a number of spells played.
Said spells are likely cheap which Magesworn would stop.


Not the most competetive deck, sure, but pretty fun:

It IS working at least.

@terrarius, you can always visit my Unlimited Arcanyst thread for anything meme Arcanyst related :wink: I’m pretty sure you’re pro enough to make some of my less playable ideas into something working, but my ones can provide a good starting point.


Quickly grabbed this from Discord. Likely close or exact list that Grandmaster TM used to champion (tho ill confirm) . Make of it what you will.


so thats why u asked for the lilithe arcanyst list :V


I try to be helpful, even here, shocking I know


I ran this exact shell from op back during the dreaded Vanarcanyst meta. Worked nicely against that matchup at least, if not very competitive overall :stuck_out_tongue: For the current meta I’d guess it’s way too slow. Swarm variant is fun, since many good spells like DFC cost 2+ mana and Chakram is an artifact.


do you guys have a night shroud variant? i really want to make that guy work


Well, classic Knell Builds are better without it, but that doesn’t mean they suddenly become bad with it.


man, knell really just needs that missing on-turn damage to work. because that 8 mana is abysmal


Problem is its random…nightshroud could be summoned last for a devastating healthswng or first for almost nothing
Yet apex,despite working basicly the same way summons everything at the same time and than activates all effects(see the old decimus apex vore)

CP realy can,t bring consistency to this game…so many interactions make no sense at all
Just like they can,t find proper wording for cardeffects


tbh the problem never really was wording…
the way things are coded makes everything kinda inconsistent.


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