How to improve my skill?


Besides the constant reading of the forum, how can I improve my skill in the game? A proper game analysis is acquired with time and experience, a good know of the meta and the most used archetypes is a good base, planning turn and positioning beside with the experience can be improved with chess? Any suggestions?


Just play your deck a ton, over time you’ll learn the exact positioning.

Just remember the faction you’re facing. Magmar at 4 mana can flash into a Warbeast so prepare for it, Lyonar can Slommolation at 4, Vanar has Frostburn so try and clear your units, ect.


Also watch experienced players on youtube or twitch, playing with similar decks you are using . That helped me a lot.


Review your matches (Profiles > Match History), especially when you lost.

Also watch other matches from the division you are in, or aiming at, focus on matches with faction you have troubles beating or from faction you’re playing if you feel uncomfortable.


The very best thing to do is to play the game a lot and learn from yours or even better, other peoples mistakes. Screw watching your own replays and streams, reading lengthy guides and what not, it takes way too much time and doesn’t provide enough in return. Do it only if you actually find it fun or interesting. If you’re a serious tourney player then sure, doing all of those and especially watching replays helps a lot, but you ain’t it. I’m pretty sure you already know the answer to your own question and just want to confirm your thoughts. Duelyst isn’t rocket science and getting better at it isn’t some monumental task.


While I am no great player, I think the answer is simple: know your own deck.

Only by playing with your deck you will know when to hold cards in your hand and when to follow the curve, where to put your minions, which tech cards are worth including and etc.

This does not means guides are useless, however, and I’d recommend reading them, if only to make it easier to understand terms like Tempo and Value. And taking a look at other people’s decks can be helpful when designing your own, as long as you question their choices instead of just copying them


I think the core take-away is to just play. It is hard to beat experience.

Other than that, I found it useful to watch a couple of higher rank games to see what sort of openings are used. I also go through my plays, usually just during gameplay to think about seemingly arbitrary moves that I make to think about why I make them and whether it is really the right move. Example: You and the opposing general are next to each other horizontally. There are no minions on the board. Also, the opposing general is not vanar. You are both at 23. Is it better to stand vertically from them? Should your non-provoke beefy minion be placed next to the opposing general or should it be positioned so that you are in the middle? Should you run away instead of hugging your opponent?

The answer is “it depends on many factors”. But if you try to answer these, you should improve your insight in the game’s positioning subgame.


Thanks for all those answers as @raqyee says [quote=“raqyee, post:5, topic:5057”]
you already know the answer to your own question and just want to confirm your thoughts.

View, review and think is a good start, I just got a problem of time, in the week I can just do some quest and only in the weekend I can focus on learning and improving (last year of college, and I’m a pendular) that’s why I ask for some tips!

Anyway thanks for all the support, love this community!


As long as you dont play aggro decks ull get good


Aqtm I’ m playing an arcanyst shongai, and wanna make an late control magmar and a wallnar…!;D


Dang Wallnar cost big bucks…well dust lol
But it would be a great deck to catch people offguard with

As long as your playing a deck you enjoy ull get good quick in this game