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How to improve budget faice?

Atm I’m using the pancakes’ budget faice list (Gold 8):

Always seen cheap list of this genere, how to improve it?

Crafting bloodbound mentor and thunderhorn. This list is already pretty optimized, you just need those two cards

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Play a diffrent deck

bloodbound mentors or alcuins to keep your engine going if you dont have spelljammers. Glacial fissure helps alot as well


If you wanna go full meme

sadly it aint budget

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Here is a burn list that i play on the ladder it is kind of expensive but most of the expensive cards are staple epics.

you can get away without playing alcuinbut it really helps because concealing shroud is broke.

It kinda comes down to personal preference imo.

Personally my Faice decks always had Wingdings and that infiltrate +5/+5 buff (although too inconsistent after Tiger nerf) while other people love Concealing with Alcuin and Asp, explodey walls with Skorn, Bloodbound Mentor combos or Thunderhorn with Aspect of Shimzar.

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Or if you’re an absolute madman… all of them at once.

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I’ve tried tbh there just isn’t room

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If your at S or diamond rank, make sure to run concealing shroud x2/x3

If you’re at S rank make sure you know your you’re(s) and your.

“sadly it aint budget”

why you trynna call out people on grammar when you miss adding apostrophe’s too.
Mr. I type perfectly everyday of my life.

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whenever I here the word “aint” I purposely get rid of the apostrophe because of I think It sounds more eastern fsr. My brain works weirdly

What about ‘here’ vs ‘hear’? :thinking:

Okay let’s not derail tho


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