How to Handle Fast Cassyva and her Spectral Revenants


I’m Vanar, mostly Faie, any helps?


Removal Spells I think are the best way to clear them. For Lyonar I always run 2X Circle of Life(Deal 5 Damage, Restore 5 General HP) This way you still lose in card advantage 2 for 1, but you end up with 1 more HP. Lasting Judgement also does the trick.

Cryogenesis even though nerfed is an excellent answer. If you have to Chormatic Cold it and then also trade in you are trading 3 cards for 1 and you are probably going to lose the game anyway.

There are also Neutral answers that you can try.

Night Watcher stops the rush effect, so it is also very good against Magmar.

Sunset Paragon will kill the Renevant, as well as Klaxon, Abyssal Juggernauts, Mechazor, etc…

Lightbender is also good. If you play it mid or lategame you can usually dispel 2 or 3 creep tiles as well as a large threat

It is a very strong card. I am surprised that there aren’t many people complaining about it. I think 2 or 3 copies belongs in every Abyssian Deck regardless of the deck type. I have yet to craft any copies, but just seeing the raw power and value that the card generates I know that it is very good.


Unfortunately you can’t really preemptively play around a revenant (exception being night watcher which is a good tech these days - a lot better than people think), especially if Cass controls center because she can reach anywhere on the board with it.

Best advice i have is to always prepare for an on-curve 7 mana revenant, assume they will always have 1-2 late game and hold removal late game for it; I usually start tracking turns until they revenant around 5 mana and start planning my turns that way so im prepared to handle it! it won’t always happen but do you’re best to win the early game against Cass because carrying a strong game early can ensure that a revenant will be way less impactful in the late game

Vanar should carry enough removal to starve out just about any type of deck with all the possible removal options they have

if they play 3 in a row then just crieverytime :’(


As vanar? Smorc them down before 7 mana works really well. With enough smorc and board removal fast Cass dies faster than fast.

Basically any of vanars many cheap removal tools (except hailstone prison) will wreck revenant. Just keep your health above 6 with more than one minion on the board and any removal will deal with it.


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