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How to get enough salt for free

It’s been a while since I posted a list here and it’s true, I left for a while. And now after missing our slowly sinking ship I rather join you night swimming.

I was never a much of a player out of vanar, but I feel like I did rack up sooooo many wins with my eight gates list that I used it very often on a verge of major tilts. Usually ending up passing the tilts over the opponent creating a great cycle of throwing salt at each other.

Well the deck is your normal semi face right gates, but…
We use sister!!! She got big soul, also she’s quite cute, and gives you buff to your damages.
Sister + spear is back breaking if you have enough damage.
We use pando (you can add the cobra thing for a total meltdown of your opponent) - for ping and also any ping known to Songhai.
You can always cut one and add a lantern fox, I prefer it this way.
We use painter - now this, this is the tilt machine right there.
Assume that the opponent knows that you are now searching to transform pf into spiral tech. And throw 3 of em into his face. He will try to rush you - so… You place painter and run away.
At that point don’t accept his friend request.

We use geomencerrrrrr which he is a great help, pf as a bbs is a major help in control and overall damage out put.

Every thing else is pretty much easy to figure out.
Jux is for bringing on backlines for damage or throw away fat bitches that want to smack us.

That’s all, hope you’ll enjoy it.
The deck was made with a little help from f8d wayyyyy back and went through several changes.
This version is nearly invincible.

Also - the 2 drop thingy I find myself usually preparing at the early game or countering the p1t1 play.
So with enough good 3 drop the number of 2 drops is not that much of a problem.



Nice deck :slight_smile:

I remember seeing it on Duelspot some time ago!

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i uploaded there too, but i don’t know if everyone looking in there.
plus i don’t really know how to do the nice writing there so i keep things real short.

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How do you unlock the red vanar minions?


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