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How to Duelyst 1 - Overexplaining All Decisions


I did a new series especially for new players trying to help them understand the thought process behind the decisions on board.


This will get me out of silver for sure.




I am sorry if that content doesn’t live up to your expectations or requirements.

Someone on Reddit asked for YT videos in which someone explains everything they do and while we have some guys explaining a lot, it still expects their viewers to know some fundamental things.
In this video I tried to reduce the amount of assumed knowledge. I couldn’t bring it down to 0 just because 90 seconds is not enough time to talk about all of it but I think I did it by some part :man_shrugging:

Maybe you have some better ideas, I am open for them.


sick videos man keep it up

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Are there enough new players to validate the creation of this video?

Not sarcasm, I genuinely wander wonder.

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Never lose hope! It doesn’t hurt to plan for the future…a future where new players arrive in droves…

…oh, who I kidding…lol

But, regardless…it can only help.


People might be surprised on how many new players or returning players the game gets. I’ve talked to a decent amount of new players during my relatively short time of streaming. While I can’t speak for other streamers and how many new players their might have seen, I think having anything useful for new players is always a good thing.


Nice to hear that, @gsvalhalla. Who knows, maybe we’ll live up to the times when CPG decides to return to Duelyst.


Wow. These comments…

Validate? Who or what the heck needs any validating?

Yeah, I am not doing anything for any future masses.

Please don’t patronize me.

I find it very arrogant to walk in here and evaluate the video by not its content but the same old story of “oh good ol’ Duelyst is dead and we are the last ones roaming these empty halls and reminiscing about its past glory” “Isn’t that a totally useless video because we have no new players? Why doing something like that at all?”

You can’t apparently imagine me doing a video because I just want to. And as fun fact I got asked about exactly a video like that by a new player but whatever that’s not the point. I also don’t do any videos because I try to save the game (I can’t) or plan for any future with droves of new players (I don’t care about the future, I have fun now). Such nonsense. I did it because I wanted to and because I felt like that kind of content was missing.

You don’t see many new players if you are not trying to help them (e.g. talking to people after games, new player channel in DO, Reddit in general - way, way more new players there than here - and new player streams) but only sit around and complain about the game’s state.


Thanks, I appreciate it :slight_smile:

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Well, that was an outburst. And I consider it undeserved.

Maybe “validate” was not the best word to use (sorry, it’s just a word I hear so often at my workplace that it was the first that came to mind), but what I was asking about was whether there are plenty of new players you meet anywhere. No complaining. Just a question.

And by your answer I guess you do meet them often. Thanks for answering.


I think he was just joking around.


:expressionless: :neutral_face:


I realize now that my comments might have seemed patronizing, and I truly apologize for that.

Most of my comment was directed at @alplod as a playful dig. The part about the video being helpful was, in fact, sincere appreciation of your effort.

Do you remember a time…ever…that I was callously dismissive of your passion for content creation and creativity? Your dedication to this game, this community, this forum? I can’t.

I’m disappointed in my failure to communicate humor properly in this particular situation…and…I’m a bit hurt that you would assume my intentions to be negative. I concede that this is “the internet” after all, and context is sometimes difficult to define. I just had hoped you would have known me better than that and given me the benefit of the doubt…probably in the same manner you were dismayed by my comments and thought me to be of higher character than that.

Hence, I will state this loud and clear:

1.) I honestly apologize for the misunderstanding and for implying that your hard work was a waste of time…it most certainly was not a waste of time.

2.) I have always admired your content and will continue to do so.

3.) I will make a concerted effort to be more contentious and think about my intentions when commenting (implied or otherwise.)

I hope that you continue to be a positive force in this community. I still consider you a friend…for as much as the distance and anonymity of the internet allows.


If anything, this forum is the most helpful place for any new player. Discord server is anything but Duelyst and subreddit has far less activity.
While I appreciate players helping players, I also find your response too harsh.

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Yeah that was an outburst and I don’t like it, not happy with it.

You may consider it undeserved, I also consider the way you phrased your question undeserved. You could have just asked how many new players we see because that was what you wanted to know :slight_smile:

It is always friends which can hurt you the easiest. This doesn’t change anything between us but it also has to be possible to speak about conflicts / problems.

I would not have reacted that way if it was someone else exactly because I always had and still have a different image of you.

Thanks for your apology and I also want to apologize to you. :bowing_man:

I agree the forums are very lively and more a bunch of people knowing each other (other than Reddit which feels looser) but not many new players come here, they go to other places first because they are more widely used, more comfortable. I also found my way first to Reddit because I knew Reddit. And we have more new player questions there, I counted 7 on Reddit during the last 2 weeks, while there is only 1 introduction post on the forum in the same time (but the guy didn’t ask for help, just said hi).

And while the DO server is especially in its general channel mostly anything except Duelyst (and in general not always an easy place to hang out), the new player channel is a good place to ask around and I saw many people going there because it is Discord (and the server link just a google search away) and getting help. It is usually only a small group of people helping out there (plus some trolls :frowning: ) but they are doing it consistently. Same with the deckbuilding channel, though you get even more mixed results there depending on the trolls. And it gets worse there, that’s true for sure.

People often are already active on Discord or Reddit and that’s the advantage these platforms have over the forum. I am not saying they are a better place, I only say newer players go more often there.


@boronian, you okay? You seem to be bothered by something in real life because you’re not usually like this.


Absolutely. I will always respect my friends calling me out on whatever the issue may be. It still may hurt, but that’s how one grows.

I do appreciate you. :grin:


I appreciate you and @alplod a lot too, you are two of my most favourite people on the forums.


I’ll remember that