How to deal with those pesky legendarys?


Hej guys

Just started the game this week, and it has completely swallowed my life. I have played all the tutorials and then started ranking and is now currently sitting at rank 10 (which is gold i think, dont know if that is good or not) I decided early on to focus on one faction which is magmar (gotta love jurassic park.).
i am currently running f2P so orbs are hard to come by after the early give away.
The problem I have is now that i climbed a little legendarys are mostly the thing i lose to and my deck only have one playset (the free sisters card).
So it is really hard to deal with that insane replace a guy monster (dont remember his name sry) so what do you guys say is there a cheap way to more consistently deal with them?


Hey! :slight_smile: I believe the card you’re thinking about is Inquisitor Kron. Dealing with Kron depends on what faction and deck you’re running. But for Magmar Egg Morph and Thupming Wave are the most direct answers.


kron is a beast. one of the most OP cards there is.

having egg morphs and thumping waves should help.


do you guys know of a easy way to print out your decklist or is it just to type it out?


You can use the deckbuilder on


And install T2K5’s script that lets you export decks directly to it. Be sure to change the default in the dropdown box at the bottom.


Here is my thread for new players:

I’d recommend Midrange Vath to start out.

Yea Kron is nonsense, it is frequently complained about and there is a good chance it will get nerfed. In the mean time he is very worth investing into since when they do change things you can dust them for full value for a couple weeks.


This is my deck at the moment

Vaath The Immortalvaath The Immortal x1
Flash Reincarnation x3
Greater Fortitude x1
Diretide Frenzy x2
Ephemeral Shroud x3
Healing Mystic x2
Iridium Scale x1
Natural Selection x3
Young Silithar x3
Earth Walker x2
Primordial Gazer x2
Earth Sister Taygete x3
Earth Sphere x1
Egg Morph x1
Primus Shieldmaster x2
Dancing Blades x3
Plasma Storm x1
Spirit Harvester x3
Makantor Warbeast x3

couldn’t make the picture thing work…
The deck is constantly changing based on what i think might work (just added the sisters card)


Your thread was actually one of the first i saw when i came here :slight_smile:
yea kron is a killer… he really packs a punch… that and the vetruvian 5/5 really kills me when it hits the field


Oh yea any time I see Vetruivan I dig for an egg/thumping and hold onto it because you know Aymara (the 5/5) is coming, and just killing it is a very bad idea.


Magmar removals are as mentioned Egg Morph and Thumping Wave. Try to put a few.
Beware that Kron can spawn a provoke minion which could mess you when trying to Egg Morph and kill the egg.
Claws are a good alternative. One hit kills a Kron or Primus Shieldmaster.
Repulsor Beast might be useful to buy some time against an Aymara.

PS: Earth Walker is generally a bad card because it grows way too slow.


thanks for the advice so swap in a few more eggs? i dont have thumping waves atm


I’d bait that thumping or egg before dropping the Aymara, just so you know neck, we Vet players are very aware of how big a threat Aymara can be and so we will do our absolute best to bait out as many answers as possible before dropping her on you.


if it helps, i started with magmar too, and one of the best things he has are sticky minions and lots of removal options, and you can make very good cheap decks.

from your list, i would remove primordial gazer, earth walker and maaaybe 3 haversters are too much and you could do just fine with 1.
then you could add 2 egg morphs, 2 earth spheres and 2 thumping waves. This will give you more answers and longer durability. If you are playing vaath (the general), thats a good thing :slight_smile:


I know, that’s why I was pointing out that you really want to hold onto one, short of something equally threatening like nimbus or Kron you save it. Course I dig for plasma vs nimbus.


You lose to late game cards, and one of the reason is your early game is terrible, due to lack of actual early game drops. You want at least 9 early game plays, and some people prefer 11. You have 11, but shroud is 3 of those, and flash another 2.

Thing about flash is you want to flash something good and/or some way to get back hand refill, since it dilutes your hand. Primordial Gazer and Earth Walker are flat out bad. I’d remove those 4 cards and either add 3 L’Kian and 1 something else, or blazehounds, or Saberspine Tigers. Sunsteel Defender would also serve you well. The random Iridium Scale should go too, Diretide Frenzies are a bit eh, especially without rush minions. Greater Fortitude is better, but even that might be a bit questionable here. Natural Selection should be replaced for thumping waves. Replace some of the Spirit Harvesters for more 3 drops or primus shieldmasters. The Shieldmasters as noted earlier should be Sunsteel Defender if you can afford them. This deck should be more aggressive.

The extra aggression, removal, and hand refill should help you close games faster, and also close them better if they do drag on. Natural Selection does nothing to big minions when you have smaller minions, and especially eggs.


Well, as magmar, asides from cards like egg morph, I think the adamantite claws deal with most of them. Sure, it costs a lot of life, so I tend to play just one.

Other than that, magmar really need a game plan. I think spirit harvester can be one, as well as those flash reincarnations. I really like to play forcefield units in that deck. They even work wonders with those buffs that you are playing in the deck. Plus, they have a tendency to be great lategame cards as well. Having somewhat sturdier units in the deck on the 4 slot that you can power out as early as the first turn really helps your tempo. With enough tempo, a legendary is not as big of a deal. You can just spend a forcefield unit attack and one of your own to deal with a legendary.

Also, amongst the legendaries, most of them aren’t as big of an issue as you think that they are. Even the one you faced crumbles before a spirit harvester attack and damage ping. Just be the player that has a good card on the board first so that you already have damage on board to deal with these.


Hej guys

ty for all the tips it really helps…
I changed a bunch of things and is now sitting at rank 5 XD (i dont know if i should be proud of that but first month diamond is kinda cool sounding I think…:slight_smile:)

The deck i run currently look like this

Vaath The Immortal x1
Flash Reincarnation x3
Diretide Frenzy x2
Healing Mystic x3
Primus Fist x3
Young Silithar x3
Blaze Hound x3
Saberspine Tiger x3
Thumping Wave x2
Earth Sister Taygete x3
Egg Morph x2
Primus Shieldmaster x2
Dancing Blades x2
Plasma Storm x1
Spirit Harvester x1
Makantor Warbeast x3
Mandrake x3

Its pack a good punch and seems to work atm XD

thank you for the feedback…


That’s a very good midrange list. You covered all the basis and got some good meta stuff in there.

I like dire tide but it has phased out a bit. If your going to run it also run Elucidator. Otherwise cut it to fill in play sets. Play sets in general are better. Like thumping and egg are both good. If you can run both great. Otherwise probably run 3 thump. But on that note I would either run full sets of both, or run 3 of one and find room for 3 shroud for propper dispel.

Plasma and Harvestor are fine one ofs.

But overall looking good.


Gratz on hitting diamond in your first week playing. I only just recently able to get it and i’ve been playing for about a year now. One suggestion though. Since it’s so good, if you have the dust, craft 3 irons asap. They’re useful In literally EVERY deck except for aggro songhai. 2 would also work but you really can’t make a better investment for a legend than kron