How to counter kara as Lyonar?


Hi guys I have a question how do you guys counter Kara? It’s third time meeting them I carried multiple dispels and Paragon just to counter growned minions and tigers.

The first Kara I met is in Gauntlet as Abyssian with a swarm deck. I first thought that the +1/+1 will be gone after 1 turn in his action bar then suddenly he summoned a blood letter with +3/+3 and I have no removal for it.

The second time is in ladder where I played as Lyonar and saw my first time seeing the Tiger Tactic along with vesper cloaker (Including those minion who push your minion to any space but that monster isn’t scary anyways) I won the battle by summoning a tiger too and gave it +2 and a Divine Bond to kill Kara

guys give me tips on countering kara


Kara has good single minion removal and no reliable healing, try to exploit this to your advantage.
For example if you don’t have Aegis Barrier, and you can choose between summoning an Ironcliffe or a Silverguard Knight and a Windblade on the same turn, summon those two, Kara has more problems dealing with multiple bodies. Also, it’s easier to damage her in the early game, continue to pressure her and be careful not to run out of steam, and try save Holy Immolation + Tiger combo to finish her in the late game.


So you played two games against kara, one in gauntlet where you lost due to not having removal against a big minion, something which isn’t exclusive to kara, and one in ranked where you actually won, and that was enough for you to decide how as a Lyonar you have lots of issues dealing with her? Sure, I guess.

In gauntlet there’s nothing specific you can do, draft the best deck you can and play it the best of your abilities. Overthinking things there will just get you in trouble. In ladder be sure to position yourself well and make the most use out of your Holy Immos. That card shits on kara the hardest as they’re all about swarming you with lots of low drops before they finish you with tigers. Also whatever faction you play as be sure to count the maximum damage output she can deal with tigers.


Thank you guys for your suggestions so I will start building some holy immolation.


vanar weakness is regalia equip that bad boy 3 times and smack her in the face