How to counter Healyonar


How do you counter zir’an healyonar? I don’t see a way to do it unless playing healyonar as well, a minion doesn 't even need to be wounded for their abilities to proc, and many times it’s just “if anything is healed.” The only counter I can see is to play healyonar as well to take the benefits and hope you have a better deck than the other, but what about the other factions and deck archetypes?

Of course, the most obvious answer (answer to everything): carry a shit-ton of dispels and shit-ton of hard removal. That’s not really an answer, since most heals are spells or instant cast, and again: the creature doesn’t even need to be wounded.

CPG really need to differentiate between “a minion/general is healed” and “healing is cast.”


zir’an keels over and dies if you take her to the late game.

Trust me, I’m a keeper vaath player.


Honestly the deck is not hard they are several ways to about dealing with it.The other day i ran into a couple healnar and i decided to play Primal flourish just to mess with Ziran and the results was hilarious.

Anyways lyonar can’t do anything without a board,Actively every turn denying Ziran from keeping a board as much possible makes her pretty much useless. The other tip is make Ziran leave the healing tile either put threat in her face that forces her to move or run away and make them choose between staying on tile or getting your face.


I look to play aggro. All or nothing in win/lose, but at least the lost feels like it’s more in my hands.

Stat for stat, healing over values damage, additionally when it synergizes itself with outgoing damage that zir’an has. I’d wager that the reason for the falling in strength and tier is in the card effects that have come out from this latest expansion.

What’s your faction and deck (


You cannot go after her life total, because she plays too much healing. The way to keep her down in my experience was to crush her units turn after turn and pay a lot of attention to positioning. You should always play around the immolation, because with sunriser she plays 6 of those effects.

Eventually the plan is to deplete her cards, so you need to be able to generate more cards than ziran herself. The weakness of ziran is that she doesn’t have much lategame. Keep a removal spell for the odd finisher and you should be in great shape if you can stick a unit or two.

Finally, a lightbender/EMP can go a long way against ziran. Whenever I struggle against her, it’s when she has that artifact out that pings and pings and pings. EMP should do a marvelous job against her.



The minion SHOULD BE wounded for the “if anything is healed” ability to proc. There IS differentiation. There is no ability that procs on “healing is cast”. How do you even get to the point you believe it’s not true?

If not, prove otherwise. What example of a minion did activate on a heal cast on a non-wounded minion?

About countering.

Actually, alomost any version of Heal Zir’An does really well against aggro. That’s her main strength.

It is an almost control archetype, which works fairly well against any aggro or midrange list, but loses to any real control list with big lategame threats. The reason to this is her lack of removal. The only nonconditional hard removal is martyrdom, which is an awful lategame play.


Don’t try to race her. Just remove her pay off minions (Sunriser, Sunforge Lancer, …). Ziran’s late game is so laughably bad, that you can just fight through all of her mid game and win late with whatever. Or just play EMP - it’s pretty much a one-card counter that turns around the game by itself.


Zir,an is VERY bad…i admit that the only reason that i reached S with her once was that the deck was pretty new and people didnt know how to play around it…
Just camp in a corner and dont fight her…if she has nothing to heal and has to chase after you the majority of her earlygamepower perishes…once it gets to lategame shes done anyways.Add emp if you want to shut her down entirely at 7mana.The only decks which shes good against are hyperaggrodecks that have no lategameoptions…so shes good against aggro abyssian…but out of all the metadecks thats the only one shes good against.


Zir’an destroys aggro: she heals too much, forcing the opponent out of steam. But she’s very weak to strong tempo plays, in particular Magmar have an easy life with Lavaslasher and Makantor Warbeast, who are strong enough to clear all the threats of Healyonar while sticking a body on the board. Also, Plasma Storm destroys her board.

Quick answer: play Magmar, it’s impossible to lose to her if you don’t commit obvious mistakes.


CPG really need to differentiate between “a minion/general is healed” and “healing is cast.”

I think what you are talking about is Scintilla. Her card reads “if you use your BBS your general gains 3 health.” The BBS doesn’t need a damaged minion to work, just using it is enough to activate Scintilla which gives you 3 health which is a heal and activates your other heal stuff.

But if Ziran is using her BBS on a damaged minion all heal related cards activate twice, once for the BBS healing and once for Scintilla healing.

Here the description is clear and correct (in other cases less so).


Yeah, probably it’s Scintilla. I recall the same confusion thread about her ability when she was new.


OP may also be referring to the fact that holy immolation can be cast on a full health minion.


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