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How to be Merlin


Hello !

I usually play only Songhai but I decided to go with Lyonar for a while, as Wizard Brome seemed a very interesting deck to play. However I was lacking a bunch of the cards needed to play the deck, and wanted to experiment, so I made my own sundrop elixir with what I had. After a bit of testing, I came up with this:

It is awesome. You just have to punch the other general with Bracers (underrated card, really) and Arclyte, remove everything with your spells and keep going. Doesn’t seem that different from smash Vaath, except that you have so much more heal and removal that you are almost invincible. Added a Z’ir for the fun, but it was lifesaving a few times so I kept it.

Well that’s it. Just wanted to share this with you so you can forget the misery of the meta dominated by flash wanderer T2 for a while. :mage:


Yeah, I love the archetype very much.

I play it with standart though. But I guess you don’t have it, amirite?

Oh, and thx for sharing!


I’ve seen some wizards that use bloodtear and dawn’s eye, very scary stuff.


… I’ve never understood why the big overstatted minion factions (lyonar, magmar) also have the best removal aoe.


I guess we are similar in this sense as despite the fact that I’ve always played Songhai, I have had my eye on artifact/wizard Brome as well. Arctyle Regalia and Dawn’s Eye on curve have pretty much rekted me everytime I went up against it. Unfortunately, I just don’t have the cards to play it, too many legendaries as everything good in life always is (unless its magmar).


Because their other style of play is to BE the big overstatted minion that walks in clashing against the hordes of lesser mooks.


Problem is, their aoe removal is good against both big and small minions. There’s no weakness.


Lyonar got Aperion being the only AoE hard unconditional removal in game. It evens things up a bit.

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