How to balance Kron


Arguably the card needs some balancing. I have played three copies of it to S-rank this season and I felt filthy.

Throwing some ideas around how to make the card less cheesy without losing its flavour, in order of personal preference:

  • Make him cost 6 mana
  • Have him not spawn Forcefield prisoners
  • Prisoners are 1/1 instead of 2/2
  • Stats become 4/5 instead of 4/6

Does anybody have other ideas or perhaps you feel the card doesn’t need to be addressed at all?

  • No
  • Yes, including the rush ones too.
  • No
  • No


-Yes (played with flash is op)


Remove Provoke

Raise cost to 6 Mana and buff stats to 4/7 (Changing when it comes out in the game could change it dramatically)


How is it OP with flash and something like Sunsteel isn’t? Or do you think Sunsteel should get nerfed too because of an interaction with a single other card? Come on.


Starting second flash+kron+replace > starting first sunstell+flash

4/4 + provoke + something like 2/2 rush/provoke/forcefield is much stronger than just 4/1 with forcefield which can be destroyed by any direct dmg + general attack.


Was Sunsteel even a 4/1 before its rebalance? Either way, I see you’re the person to dish out hard, cold fact. :smile:


4/3 ofc, my my mistake in calculating effects, anyway its still much worse than Kron+flash,


It was 5/1 to be clear.


How exactly is is flashed Kron stronger than Sunsteel? Both need to be killed with a very similar amount of damage. Only difference how Kron is split in two enemies, which only makes a notable difference in scenario where the forcefield prisoner is spawned. If the card is to get nerfed it should be because it’s in general too strong, not because of an interaction with a single faction card that doesn’t even make the card better than it already is.

Also since we’re talking about Flash? What is your opinion on Rawr? If you go on the right you can flash it which ends up in you getting a 3/5 pet (5 hp being A LOT stronger than 4) and you get a pet, possibly dex. Not to mention you could also play Rex or Bloodtear on the same turn. Do you want Rawr to get nerfed as well because it works well with Flash? How about Kyhmera? You can flash it twice and it will have like what, 2/13 chance to spawn a mechaz0r?

Because the way I see it, card is being uses exactly like it was supposed to. To ramp up minions that benefit from it in one way or another. If that is “OP”, might as well remove the card from the game entirely.



Ofc it shouldn’t be nerfed only because it’s op with flash, but imo his 5 mana cost is too low, that’s why i pointed changing his mana cost to at least 6, and when card is above 5 mana u can’t play it in your first turn as magmar, which is more impactfull on the board than playing it in 2nd or 3rd. Meta is not so slow as it used to be before, so first turn’s for some decks are key’s to win.


Good thing you reminded me, I actually totally forgot it’s 5 mana so you can’t play it when you go left T1. If that is the case, then it’s even easier to deal with Kron as you will already have a minion on the board in which scenario it’s even weaker than the t1 flash+sunsteel when you go left.

If he puts the flashed kron in the front, all you need is a primus fist or whatever other buff to clear it. And if he puts it 2 tiles behind the top or bottom mana tile, he gives you the option to gain board control by getting possibly all 3 of the mana tiles. Yeah, it definitely doesn’t sound OP with flash.

It being 5 mana gives you enough time to develop a board prior to it being dropped to deal with it. Even if you can’t directly kill it there are plenty of other ways around it. It’s mana cost isn’t an issue.


Frankly I would swap the astral crusader sprite with Kron and call it a day.

However in all seriousness I would like to see Kron tweaked so that it is a card that you run because of replace synergy and is not just good standalone. The last time there was a good standalone replace card (dreamgazer) it was nerfed. But that would require there to be more replace synergy cards besides aethermaster. Like something that replaces your entire hand when summoned or does healing when replacing. At the moment Kron is only bad when you top deck it since it is only a fireblazer then.


Kron definitely needs a change, it’s included in too many decks at the moment. However, most of the ideas I have seen seem too harsh to me. Increasing the mana cost by one or 1/1 make Kron unplayable in most decks, and it would hurt replace decks too much. I want Kron to be both a strong 5 mana provoke and a crucial part of replace decks. I don’t want Kron to leave a 4/6 body when dispelled. So my idea is something like:

  • Kron (5 mana 3/5): provoke, whenever you replace a card, this gains +1/+1 and summons a 2/2 Prisoner with a random ability nearby.

This way Kron is weaker when dispelled and a bad play when you replace into it, but it’s stronger in replace decks and gains more value when it sticks.


Vanilla 2/2s


maybe give him 1 additional prisoner as a battlecry, but make them switch sides if he dies? It would be flavorful at the very least


I think he’s fine as he is. No need to nerf.


6 mana cost seems best way to nerf for me, or else it would lose too much character.
It has great character now, as well as the prisoners.


The problem with Kron is that theres never a bad time to play him. There’s really no decision involved. If you’re ahead, he has strong value. If you’re even, the prisoner can make a difference. If you’re behind, the provoke can be lifesaving. He needs to be less of a ‘generalist’ and more of the ‘replace specialist’ he was meant to be. Whether that means increasing his cost, adjusting his stats, or changing his effect, I’ll leave that for you guys to figure out.


the 4/3 proceeds to kill kron for free and leave behind a body to threaten the prisoner and good trades in the future. i’d much prefer to have sunsteel turn 1 than kron