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How to animate/create cards for devs?


I’m just curious if the duelyst dev team is taking freelancers to create characters for them even if they already have a art team. Would they take a freelancer if the art team sees the freelancer’s portfolio as above standard/ fit for the game? What if the freelancer is willing to do it for no charge?(if he does qualify)

Also, how should the freelancer contact the art team?


Aw man, sorry to shoot you down, but this is most unlikely
The closest you can do is probably participate in card design contests (maybe make one yourself?) and post some fanart with it if you feel so inclined


Many of Duelyst’s pixel art providers are freelancers, I heard. Can you create pixel art?


You should email the devs for professional inquiries.


It would be awesome if we could have a long-term design event that involve multiple steps of card design:

  1. Character design (Art)
  2. Character design (Lore)
  3. Character design (card text and balancing)
  4. Pixel Art
  5. Animation Cycles

If this could happen over 6-12 months with the possibilty to cooperate with each other it might be work, but something many of us might want to see achieved.

It could also be a contest, but only if there are enough people ready to participate in a more competetive way.


I wish you luck contacting any member of CP right now…


Use twitter, send questions to other pixel art designers who worked with CPG, send an e-mail or write a letter.


google is yo friend. They’re not looking atm, but they’re doing some stuff for their next game. If you’re interested in that, check it out in the link i sent you.


If you think you think you have art talent, maybe try reaching out to the art lead Unseven on Twitter

Art contracts are ever shifting, and even if Duelyst lacks an opportunity, Glauber is an awesome dude who’s worked on multiple Pixel Art games, he’s a good connection to have :3


Whenever I see a reply from you I just start to smile. Glad to know that you still check here.

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