How Many Provoke Units is to Much?


Hello there everyone,
I just wanted to ask a quick question: How many provoke minions in a deck would you consider too many? I’m starting to wonder if I am becoming a bad person due to the perhaps absurd amount of provoke minions I use (I play Lyonar just to clarify).


You can never have too much provoke minions, implying those minions are actually good which in Lyonars case they definitely are.


For reference, these are the provoke units I’m currently running (I only run some of certain ones like Ironcliffe Guardian because I only have one copy):
3x Silvergaurd Knight
2x Primus Shieldmaster
1x Ironcliffe Guardian
2x Elyx Stormblade
1x Bonereaper
2x War Talons


War Talon isn’t a good card and Bonereaper is iffy as well. Invest into 2 cliffes as soon as you can. Feel free to run third shieldmaster too, it’s a really high tier card.


Good advice. As I said before, I run the things I do because they’re all I have. Just need to play a bit more!


to expand on what raqyee said:
-bonereaper is one of the few provoke that is weak to zen-rui (legendary) , so keep in mind that if you play it
-the only way in which war talon affects the board is with his provoke ability and 7-mana might be a bit to late for that, elyx does the same job just fine and gives you more reach
As long as you don’t fear grovekeeper (legendary) you’re fine.


More than 40 minions with provoke in a deck is considered bad taste :wink:


For my lyonar quests in diamond I’m currently running a provoke deck with keepers of the vale. It’s pretty fun since people generally overreact vs the threat of divine bond and so eventually I just wear them down with stats and value. Still need to run removal for their threats though.


Probably 40. But if I could, I would.


40 is too much. You can only have 39 minions in a deck plus 1 general.
There is actually enough provoke units to make a provoke only deck. Someone should try it :laughing:


I’m not sold on 3x shieldmaster. On turn 2-4 (when I always seem to have them in hand) I want to be playing more aggressively. It’s one of the first cards I replace when I need to look for something, and when I don’t replace it I usually wish I had.


it’s VERY aggressive from my experience. having a pile of stats that big dropped in your face on turn 2 really hurts. especially since said pile of stats forces you to sit there and take a beating from their other minions as well


Maybe I’m just unlucky. The pile of stats tends to get hit with a martyrdom or entropic decay as soon as I play it.


From my experience, Shieldmaster is the most consistent card in the game, hell, I’d even call it the best neutral minion. It’s not really a pile of stats. Pile of stats as a term implies a big minion that doesn’t really do anything other than having lots of stats. Shieldmaster has provoke which makes a huge difference and it’s also statted aggressively. Enemy wasting a marty or decay on it is arguably even a good thing for you because after all it’s just a measly 4 mana minion and it means one of your bigger threats won’t get killed. I really encourage you to give the card one more chance, it’s absurdly good in the decks that just value high quality minions.


yeah. i’m always really happy when they use removal on my shieldmaster instead of the inevitable kron/draugar lord/nimbus/aymara/etc


At first I played with 12 provoke.

Now, my Lyonar deck support 6 (the zeal one and the giant cliff).

I did replace those 6 cards for tempo play (Kian and the Zeal enchant to draw one card).

I was able to make gold this week.

Provoke is all good, but a deck need some pieces of removal, some of card draw, some for tempo (argy bbs abuse tempo a lot).

To each their own. My third Holy Immolation, was the best upgrade I had tho.