How mana vortex should change!


Mana vortex is almost unplayable right now!! it just went from very good to very bad! so i think it should be changed, not to the way it was before but rather be a 0 mana spell with the effect as (Draw a card ) or (draw a card at the end of the turn) i dont think i need to explain why! or maybe just make a new songhai cards with that effect :smiley: !


Having a zero mana draw a card card is simply ridiculous. it might as well just say “proc chakri and four winds also songhai decks are now more consistent”. If there was going to be a buff to the card, i’d suggest making it affect ALL spells you cast this turn. This way they can pull off some sick combos but if they don’t have some sort of draw they’ll still run out of steam


Well, it’s way less ridiculous then it’s pre-nerf iteration, which I don’t even think should’ve been the nerf target in the first place…


Keeping as it was originally, but raising the cost to 1 would have fixed the card in my opinion. Basically, it would have become 1 mana draw a card, with the possibility of combining it with other spells in the turn. I’m not a fan of the nerf, it destroyed a card.


I think instead, Songhai should have a combo enabler that benefits from using low cost spells.

Rough example:
Phoenix oracle
4 mana 4/2 Arcanyst
Whenever you cast a spell that costs 2 or less, draw a card.

This would help reward players who play lie cost spells while also supporting cards like Mana vortex. Of course, mana cost and stats can be changed, but the general concept is there.

EDIT: on second thought, I think a neutral minion would be better to provide viability in all faction low cost spells.

Mystic Oracle
4 mana 3/3
Whenever you cast a spell (this turn?) that cost 1 or less, draw a card


I would love this spell. It suits Songhai very well. No kidding.

Your idea, however, is also nice)


Songhai needs draw but not on a zero cost card there are plenty if unused spells they can have draw a card on. Mana vortex seems bad cause now you need to set it up before you play and not just throw it out and have extra cards in your hand.


There are many small additions that could improve the card without changing its current design.

Mana Vortex: The next spell you cast costs 1 less…

General: Both players draw a card.
General: Your Bloodborn spell is reactivated.

Backstab: Your general has Backstab (0) this turn.
Arcanyst: Play a second Mana Vortex from your deck.
Damage: Deal 1 damage to the enemy general.


My problem with the Mana Vortex nerf is how it’s a trap. Just because it’s a 0 cost spell does not mean it does not have a resource attached to it. It’s now cleverly disguised card disadvantage. Reducing the cost of your next spell does not do you many favors unless your next spell has an extreme impact and is being played ahead of the mana curve.

I would prefer to see it changed to still provide some additional effect at an increased cost.
Maybe something like:

1 cost
Spells you play this turn cost 1 less

  • Allows for dumping/comboing more spells from your hand late game if you can keep cards in your hand

3 cost
Give a friendly minion “When you replace a card, your next spell you cast this turn costs one 1 less”

  • Gives potentially long term benefits while keeping a restriction on how many times this effect can be used in a turn.


Mana vortex and siphon Energy nerfs are the worst nerfs that this game has ever seen.
Now this cards are basically unplayable. As gabriek said, mana vortex should target all spell during the turn to be playable now. But se Will never see buff like that:(


Mana Vortex is fine- it’s just terribly undersupported (like nearly every Vetruvian archetype :P). You can use it with Koan and Ancestral for value- but the reason it isn’t doing much is because it isn’t fueling something degenerate.

A more productive suggestion would be to suggest a minion or spell that generates Mana Vortexes as part of an ability. Perhaps then we could finally see and bemoan the Triple Spiral deck :smiley:


:smiley: news to me, and I’ve been running all three! :sob:

Seriously. There is no value to be had there. I believe you’re conflating its effect with the value of those other cards, as it effectively lessens the value of those other cards, while still being a net positive overall. In short, it’d be better to just play those other cards without Mana Vortex.


How to change Mana Vortex ?
Just change its name to “Mana Spark”.
Because seriously, 1 spell mana discount for zero, it’s fuckin far from a “Vortex”.

A true Mana Vortex, as I imagine it, according to his name (in fantasy) would be more like :
Cost : 9 mana
Effect : All spells you cast this turn cost 0.

It would be a game closer (if you have a hand), as Obliterate (if you have a creep board) :wink:


Very good point. But cantripping Vortex was very carefully removed for good reasons my manaforging friend :smiley: Again, I just really like the idea of introducing a unit that has a trigger that generates mana vortexes so that the card is played solely for Four Winds enabling, and for redundancy and support towards such a minion or spell.


What about those of us who want to use it for making more expensive spells cheaper; ie: the more interesting aspect of Mana Vortex. Sadly, I can’t think of a way to emphasize that part of Mana Vortex without making making it stronger for just general “proc’ing a spell” use.


A possible solution would to create a similar mechanism to Power Trip from scrolls, but I’d rather that be it’s own card as some kind of variant, as opposed to an errata. IE 6 mana “Your next spell costs 9 less”. Would make Spiral decks more interesting to say the least.


I like this option as a Songhai player, but as a Duelyst player, I hope this doesn’t get implemented. I also agree that this is a problem as right now, it’s actually overcosted, even though it’s a 0 cost card.


I honestly think that this is the best solution. A complete rework of the spell is the only real solution, as it’s so close to both being broken and worthless.


Four winds magi is annoying enough without spamming zero cost out of deck spell decreasing cards. Mana vortex is a combo card it should be played with other cards so it’s fine as it is. What songhai is lacking is reliable in faction card draw. Mana vortex card draw should have been put on another card.


Ancestral Divination and Heaven’s Eclipse would like a word with you :stuck_out_tongue: AD is a +1 with 2 minions active, and scales up from there. HE is a +2 and one of the spells can be replaced for a minion. Koan is what it is. Not to mention that Xho and Fox generate lots of cards on their own.

Songhai isn’t hurting for card draw :P-- they have more of it than anyone else.