How I got to S-rank in under a month


Hi Everyone,

I’m Red, a HS player new to Duelyst. I got in through the Humble Bundle 3 weeks ago and just got S-rank a while ago. In case you’re interested, I wrote about some stuff I learned on Reddit here:

In case you just want the decklist

And TLDR: TLDR: Add the good players, watch their replays and spectate their games, and talk to them about the game as much as you can.

Thanks a lot, and I’m glad to be part of this awesome community :slight_smile:


Thanks again for this (also thanked you on Reddit.) :slight_smile:

I’m giving this a try along with a half-dozen other Magmar decks right now. :slight_smile: The only changes I made were to sub a Chrysalis Burst and another Plasma Storm for the Dioltas and Elucidator. The former because it’s a new toy and I am having fun with it, the latter just for more help against swarm/Lyonar and to reduce the number of 1-ofs.


This is legitimately some of the best advice I’ve seen for new players, if you play someone really good and get dumpstered you have nothing to lose by adding them after, either they don’t accept and nothing lost or they do and are an asshole but you can still spectate their games and see how to improve or they help you out. No loss, win, more win situation just go for it, personally I almost always help out new players who ask me unless I’m pretty busy.


Just play songhai.

Jk. But nice work, Im also a fellow player from HS. Brings back bad, raging and frustrating memories , ah… :slight_smile:
We welcome you to Duelyst, a better place than HS. But not looking so great atm, still, welcome :smiley:


Definitely feel free to mess around with the deck because it’s not optimized (I don’t have many of the cards yet). The story behind that particular list is I was trying to get S with Reva but got stuck at rank 2. So I decided to try a Magmar list that was just there, and to my surprise, it got 6-0. So I decided to just stick to it to S rank and it somehow worked :slight_smile:


Thanks for all your advice so far, Sarasin! I’ll keep my one ofs to a minimum, I promise. But I really don’t have the spirit yet for that second Heaven’s Eclipse :wink:


I think this is definitely a great community to belong to. Thanks for the welcome! :slight_smile:


Isn’t it laking of draw ? Just to ask. I tried the decklist and I went out of card in two or three turn.


This should work. My decklist looks very similar - and I don’t even use L’Kian.
Trick is to almost always play on curve. And - often enough - opponent draws for you: Starhorn, Blaze Hound, Spelljammer welcome!


I think you’re not replacing right if that’s the case. Aim to get some higher cost stuff. If you run out in 2-3 turns it means all you’re casting are cheap stuff. Look for your 4 drops. :slight_smile:


Magmar decks tend to want to play on curve and usually don’t play multiple cards per turn as a result. Magmar loves their four drops and tend follow a predictable pattern: turn one play a two drop, turn two grab mana tile and play four drop, play a four drop on turn three, and then use your BBS and some removal. If you don’t need to use removal then you play more four drops.

Unless Flash Reincarnation is cheating out an early four mana creature you shouldn’t be playing multiple cards per turn until you hit six mana or so.