How has Grove Lion tested for you?


Since returning to Duelyst I got into Vetruvian (love Falcius) and have been testing Grove Lion with Sajj. Initial impressions have been good, but having only had a little time to test, I wanted to get the viewpoints of others on the card.


I don’t have the cards to play with it, but from my impression you have a good impact while he is here. Forcefield is one of the most powerfull ability I’ve ever seen, except against some really dispersed damage dealer (swarm abyss or bloodtear alchimist).

I don’t think Lyonnar “need” it since Arclyte already make most of the job, Vaath would love it, and for Vetruvian, get one free blast if you can’t keep distance and a shield.

PS : Vetruvian got their new 3 drop and Lion still cost a lot (6 mana for a 5/5 if I remember) so I think that’s the main reason if it might not be played.


It works great with spectral blade



I love the card, no meme. Awesome, good fun, while still being viable.


I ran it in my sajj list a bit, and altered between taking it out and using it again etc for a while. I found it really made the Riva matchup slightly more bearable, so I settled upon running it as a 1-of. The issue was really not having much room in the list, but needing a copy to dig for to stall Riva a tiny bit. (I also run x3 prophets for the same reason).


Its a great thing to top deck late game when both players only have 1 card in their hand


Grove Lion is great, maybe weirdly, in Abyssian. Taking out 4HP minions every turn while gaining 2 HP (and taking no damage) is startlingly effective. :slight_smile:


It’s good because an opponent doesn’t expect it and can survive at least 2 turns. I think you play this usually when you’re ahead on board so that adds to its survivability. Now the question is do you use this to attack more often than not? Or is it a card you keep in the background?strong text


Depends. If I’m using it as a tempo play, I put it forward. If I’m aiming for long-term board control, in back. Usually it ends up forward for me.


I like it; helps with keeping artifacts in one piece (I don’t have Dawn’s Eye or Arclyte Regalia)


The card is absolutely amazing when the opponent goes all in to try and kill you with an overwhelming board and you manage to handle it while getting the lion to stick. With limited resources even factions like songhai that have reliable ways to ping will struggle to get any damage through. If they can’t reach you with their general then even that topdeck spiral technique is worthless.


The card is amazing vs Songhai right now. If you can get them to waste an OBS on Ironcliffe, Grove Lion will win you the game.

Vet also doesn’t have a good way to deal with it if you bait out a Siphon before hand