How good is kindling? 10/10 for me


Im here trying to revitalize my october 2016 s rank kaleos zendo turn 6-7 lethal deck and i must say im already falling in love with kindling damage potential. What are your thoughts of kindling? Will she be the new op aggro card songhai needed?

this is my current work-in-progress decklist


Balance will be the key having enough spells to proc and enough minions to benefit from it. I’d run a lore weaver so I can run a few less spells, Astral divination could also be good doubling the spells you get. Emp is ur arch enemy but if to u can whittle them down before they play it the game should be yours.


If your only arcanysts besides Kindling are Chakri and Calligrapher, 4 Winds is almost certainly better. It provides a larger life swing per spell proc and more importantly does not need to hit anything to be useful. Kindling only matches that if you have another arcanyst on board, which you are unlikely to.


Why not run reva with that deck? There doesn’t seem to be a amazing amount of synergy with kaleos bbs


i have more of a challenge using less “meta” generals


I don’t think anyone has any idea what the meta is right now x3

Edit: I get where you’re coming from though


The ability to reposition ur minions could be huge this expansion…


I really like this list a agree that kindling is defiantly the aggro songhia needs, I think a good edition to this deck is mana forger because it lacks 2 drops, its an arcanyst, and helps with combos


0/10 bad deck no joseki


Kaleos’ ability to move minions in and out of danger has always been useful, now more than ever. The extra movement is going to be really useful here in the next month.

Also pixel art wise, Kaleos is the supreme being of dankness.


I actually agree on the choice of Kaleos as well (this coming from someone who’s well aware of the power disparity). Cards like Lavaslasher and Mana Deathgrip are going to hit Reva pretty hard IMO, so the ability to place minions conservatively is going to come in handy more than it ever has.

Also, placing high-value minions like Kindling, Owlbeast, 4WM, etc puts it out of range of a ton of removal (Egg Morph, Punish in some cases, Pings, Phoenix Fire, so on and so forth). For that reason I always felt Kaleos might be a better pick for Arcanyst decks. Blink also mitigates a lot of reliance on Juxtaposition and MDS.

Anyways, I like Kindling. Absurd combo potential and strong by itself as well. I feel like someone’s going to break it… I have some fun deck brews I’ll post soon.


felt the same way. I tried Kindling but realized I couldn’t play it the same way as playing 4 winds and its impact is a lot harder to take effect given that it still has to attack.


I Feel Kindling is useless if you dont have an Owlbeast.

Granted it works the same way as a Chakri. But for that cost I would rather use a Four Winds, after all it would be weird for those kinds of minions to not die the turn after it attacks (more likely you will win if it doesn’t happen), and given that both have fixed health it makes more sense to play Four Winds who not only will do the same damage (in the turn you attack) but will also heal you 1 for each spell cast.

Then again this is only my opinion and im not a hardcore player, but I feel the only good cards Songhai got for Ancient Bonds are Calli and the artifact (and both of them are more likely a B+/A- Card).


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