How exclusive is S-rank?


I know it is sort of like the top tier of duelyst but I was curious just how much of an honor it really is. If the majority of players are in S-rank it kinda takes away it’s prestige. That being said, I know S-rank is where ‘real’ ranked play is supposed to begin. Does anyone have any numbers or info on just how many players are in s-rank compared to 30-1 rank? I really only ask because I made diamond for the first time this month. Any info would really be appreciated!


I think there are ~300 people in S rank right now. Just based on what #s I’ve seen in S so far. I don’t know how many people play the game, but S rank isn’t so easy to get.


if by ‘real ranked play’ you mean doing dailies with starter decks then yes.

Right now there’s 300+ s-rank players, I know that because I’m at the bottom of S-rank. The most competitive zone is Diamond, upon reaching S-rank ppl stopped caring.


huh my personal experience is a different one, there are also much tryharders at s-rank.

i also feel that its easier to hit diamond and s-rank nowadays as we got much new players and as a veteran you can just stomp through them at the end of the month


It is as one makes it out to be. Most consistent S rank players don’t even think it’s an achievement worth talking about, let alone using it as an argument of sort when discussing the game balance. It only feels like an achievement the first time you get it, because after that you basically know you can also get it every next season.

It’s exclusive usually strictly to people who aren’t in it. While the people who are there don’t see it as big of a deal.


Maybe S-rank would be a bigger deal if everyone was reseted to same starting point each month.


That was already a thing. It was changed because to S rank players it doesn’t matter do they start at rank 20 or 11, while on other side new players who are at low ranks naturally just get destroyed even more. Current system has been proven to be better for both sides.


S rank dun mean nuthin’

In all honesty it’s just a big grind, moreso if the servers are crapping on you like they are for me.

There is no real way to measure the relative skill of an s ranker to the rest of the s rank playerbase


I think S rank means a lot actually. Its not so easy to achieve, especially if you aren’t playing tier 1 decks. Especially if you get S rank early in the season which is imo much more difficult. I think we just see a lot of the active community as S rank players because S rankers are the people who play the game the most


I think there are around 300-400 s-rank players. I’m not sure how large the duelyst player base is, but it seems pretty exclusive. It would be nice if cp released some statistics about percentile rankings for each division.

EDIT: more like around 500 s-rank players.


I think hitting S-rank mean something, there is 300ish S-ranker which probably represent less than 1% of the player base. If you hit S-rank on a regular basis you can definitely consider yourself a good Duelyst player and someone who hits S-rank regularly is definitely better than someone who hits diamond regularly.

With that being said, the current S-rank system is shit so the S-rank ranking doesn’t mean anything, and because of this, games in S-rank are more “relax”. I personally love to test in S-rank because you are guarantee to play against good players and there is still a relatively “strong” meta.

The most competitive league is top diamond from my experience.

It would just make the process longer and more annoying , beside factually the S-rank system mean something.