How does one counter Magmar running keeper of the vale?


Magmar + flash reincarnation + keeper of the vale= Rage
Now, what I want to know is how to avoid getting absolutely decimated by any magmar deck running mama toe and keeper. I know that you can position yourself to lessen the blow, but in the face of two consecutive makantors, how does one recover from that? (Legitimate tips please. I’m not complaining about it being overpowered, I just want to know how people come back from stuff like that)


What kind of keeper of the vale magmar deck? The one with exclusively rush minions? The one which is more midrange oriented? Or the hard control version? The card has different value depending on what kind of deck it’s played it. That being said, I don’t think there is nothing specific you can do to play around the card itself. It does what it does, a fairly simple and straight forward effect. Countering decks is a whole another story.


The one that spams rush minions


I’ve also seen a hard control variant that runs red Synja so if you have any advice for those, I’d greatly appreciate it:smiley:

  • abuse the fact how they have nonenexistent early game
  • always pay attention to your hp and the maximum damage enemy can output
  • pressure them but don’t overextend into plasma storm
  • play high value minions to bait out their rush minions and thumping waves

And like people have mentioned, nightwatcher. Even though it’s not worth it unless you’re facing lots and lots of magmar and cassyva. Implying you want a consistent deck that is, if you don’t and just want to shit on magmar, just put 3x nightwatcher in the deck.



Other options depending on your deck:

Provoke minions

Avoid grouping (for Makantor)

Try to avoid trading General hits

Bait out removal (vital to make sure they can’t use thumping wave + eludicator)


The control lyonar on the bagoum tier list is probably one of the best counters in the game for Magmar.It has Nightwatcher,tons of provoke and healing.


Night Watcher is also designed to help this particular problem. He is very vunlerable to Natural Selection, but if you play him earlier on in the game around 7 Mana when you are around 10HP (Elucidator+Thumping Wave) then they won’t have mana to remove him and also burst you down.

Against other matchups he is still a decent card, as long as you don’t rely on rush minions to heavily yourself.


Play Artifacts.

Pressure them as much as you can during the early turns.

Position your minions to play around Makantor/frenzied rush minions.

Play around Plasma Storm.

When the Keeper deck works, it’s great, but quite often it also loses to itself because of the way its removals line up or because the Keeper-chain isn’t coming smoothly.

So I guess another counter would be:

Look at the bigger picture and take comfort in that.


Also, trying to mess up their dead pool by killing the keeper itself / use transformation spells on rush minions instead of killing them can help too.


Kudos for not making another nerf/rage thread! This is how it should be done.

Keeper decks tend to be very slow, the main key is if you see Magmar skip a turn, or not playing any two drops you know it’s either control or keeper, so get aggressive! It’s a late game deck, crush them early, as they tend to struggle a bit before the 6 mana turn. Yea flash speeds that up but it doesent happen to often, and it sets them back on card advantage when it does.

Alternately they are just splashing keeper along side two drops, in that case unfortunately it’s just an RNG mess sometimes they will get super ahead from it, others times they will get punished. Sadly not much to do about that, bad RNG is bad RNG. Shouldent be to common though.

Other then that just a few things to know about playing vs Magmar in general. Be very aware of natural selection, try not to play lower power then what they have out, and if you have an important threat don’t play it on an empty board by its self, bait out those naturals or play something weaker in tandom. Eggmorph is also fairly easy to play around by summoning your threats out of Vaaths Reach. Remember Vath and Cass love it when the game drags out more then anyone else. Don’t be afraid to dispel Vaath, there are very few units that are usually run in the mainstream magmar that require a dispel. Always remember to play things diagonally because all Magmar decks run Mankantor and some dirtide. Also be aware of Plasma storm, so try not to over extend on things below three attack.

The rest is deck building, if you share what you use, or mention your favorite factions I am sure I can help you out. Oh and nightwatcher does exist if you really can’t stand rush.


Considering how painful it is to get wiped by plasma storm , id strongly suggest stacking up 3x Golems in your deck . If you really want to be cheesy throw in some golem Metallurgists for good measure , golems have naturally good stat / cost ratio anyway so they should perform consistently against most decks

Another thing to consider is that Silvertongue Corsair naturally shts on mag , because part of their strategy involves using Overload to clear minions early thus relieving pressure and giving them a tempo advantage . They will be forced to waste spells on the Corsair which will improve the survivability of your other minions

Alternatively , there are several Neutral cards that give + stats , in particular Songweaver can be used to grow units out of Plasma range , Sun Elemental combos well with units that already have 4 + attack such as Bloodshard golem , then there’s Puppydragon and Windrunner to build against plasma . Sunsteel Defender will also work well there

I’ll also point out that Yun is very effective against mag and against most factions in general . The only time it might not perform well is against abyss due to their crowding the board with wraithlings , but even then you are getting your money worth . Yun solves a lot of problem with mag’s early game , the only thing that really gets past it is Phalanxar so again they are likely to waste spells on it which improves your odds for midgame :slight_smile:


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