How does Discord work?


Could someone plz explain to me how this Dischord-thing works?
As I see it, it is a big chat room. I thought “OK - here you can chat if you want.” But I read that you can get game information like Guides, Decklists, Disenchanting-Lists etc.

Can be that I understood something wrong, but I can’t find something like that at Dischord. Just Chats and I don’t even know how to find Duelyst-chatrooms in there, but that’s another story. I was in there some time ago. There was a link here in the forums I think.

Can somebody enlighten me, plz?


theres the duelyst server on discord and if you just ask questions to the chat people will usually answer with varying levels of detail. theres a bunch of different channels that focus on specific things like theres a gauntlet channel where people will help you draft your gauntlet deck and theres a patch notes channel where the devs post patch notes. you get the idea

  • You download discord or use it on browser. Make an account.
  • Now to join a server, you need the link(which is at the bottom of the launcher or pretty much anywhere else).
  • Join the server. All the servers you are connected to will show on the FAR left. Click a server to switch to that server.
  • On the left you will see voice channels and text channels (this particular server has no voice channels).
  • Click on a channel to join that chatroom, you can freely swap between these.
  • You cannot create your own channels or change channel/server settings because you do not have admin status.
  • However you can create your own server for personal uses whether it be for friends and such and creating a server automatically grants you admin status at which point you can change your own servers settings and invite people as you see fit.

Consider yourself enlightened.


And what does “Discord Bot” mean?
Edit: And how to “work” with him… ehhh… it?


This is a robot coded with several features same as twitch chat with automatic message I guess.


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