How does Armada work?


Blood surge: Deal 5 damage to the closest enemy

I spawned armada so that a minion was in the upper left corner of it, and the enemy general was on the second tile up - one might say that the minion was closer than the general.
That wasn’t the case, and the general took 5 damage.
Can someone explain what ‘closest’ means on this card?

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duelyst only counts distance by horizontal/vertical which makes diagonals 2 distance away, this has always been the case and can been seen in things like movement and ranged battle pets. the only time this is not the case is with attacking where diagonal attacks are possible, although I do remember there was a bug in a boss battle where you could only attack horizontally/vertically and it really threw me off :smiley:



I was checking after our (?) match yesterday, too.

Apparently, Armada is working as intended, as per here (TL,DR: essentially what improbableblob said - ‘diagonal distance’ is treated as two squares.)

“Discoverable” ™ :wink:


Diagonal has been known as 2 tiles for a long time. Anyone that played Incinera or, even older, Silhouette Tracer, will know it. I’m sure there are more examples, but my play field is somewhat limitied. :sweat_smile:


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