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How does a scrub build a budget brome


Send potential decks please, I’m in a bit of a tough spot, still quite bad at deck building.


Go to https://duelspot.com/#general=brome-warcrest


In the text of this - https://duelspot.com/deck/2k-spirit-brome-bond/ - you’ll find a link to this https://duelystcentral.com/2018/08/27/s-rank-on-a-budget-august-2018-brome/. That page is no longer available, but the article has been preserved here:


You can find all old Duelyst Central articles on https://thebadmagmar.wordpress.com/


Is it worth me going back through old posts and updating the text to link to the new place or no?


If you build it, they will come…


… yes, and then we will gas them all!

MWAHAhahaa…wait, wrong dictator.


I like this humor. Reminds me of soviet food rations. Some people get it; others don’t. Like you.