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How do you make vanar decks


Please tell me how to make Vanar decks, no matter how much I try I cannot wrap my head around this faction, I can make decks for every other faction there’s just something about vanar I don’t get.

Is this deck any good?


Kara loves her some Luminous Charges/Arcanyst/Jax+Razorback shenanigans

Vanar in general has great ramping tactics and Faie’s BBS has always been a reliable alt wincon


No, no it’s not.

Check here out.

Me and @snowshot will definitely be willing to help (don’t know about Snow but he should be able to.)

Step 1 of making a viable Vanar deck: Play Faie.
Step 2: Add the needed staples of thaye archetype.
Step 3: Add arguably the strongest removal in the game to it.
Step 4: Unless the deck is Midrange, Aggro or Tempo add Blue Conjurer.
Step 5: Add Wild Hunt (this depends on the number of minions you play)
Step 6: ???
Step 7: Profit.


Karas viable too silly faie *ucker :~)


I have no idea what that asterisk is but I’m currently deciding which is more lewd.

Yes but Faie has a lot more decks which she is better at so it is more general.


Kara background guy smashed scarzig and brits booty.
Pretty hot

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Don’t forget to put in Wisps to steal mana, them bouncing/transforming/playing EMP so your enemy never gets the mana back.


That is included in staples but bouncing/transforming it is a waste and Lightbender/EMP are a waste unless they hit other things.


This is the deck I’m running this season. It’s far from perfect, but it’ll give you a basic idea on how Vanar decks will run.

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Everything you should do to improve this list:
-3 THorn
-3 Shim’zar
-3 Shroud
-2 Shivers

+3 Malicious Wisp
+3 Frigid Corona
+3 Cloudcaller
+1 Moonlit Basilysk

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Any further advice? I couldn’t find room for all the cards, so I had to cut one CC.

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I cut 11 and added 10!?

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Pretty much.

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So how are you lacking space?


I must’ve been mistaken. Give me a moment while I figure this out.

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i got nothing to add, vanar in my opinion is the hardest faction to master so creating decks needs some thinking.

i do believe that faie is a safe bet as you see.

you can run control wall ----> hold on a sec…

i prefer embla razorback on faie and seraphim on ilena (ilena got better sustain through bbs synergy and fairly cheap minions).
this is my faie list for now - you basically turture your opponent and razorback them to next dimension when time comes —>very fun! positional and tactical deck! enjoy.

i sometimes go 3 mountain, 2 frostburn, it’s not important.
and sometimes go 3 conjurers instead of callers, depend on the day.

btw - @epicflygon what do you think about it?


This is mainly personal taste but I don’t like.Snowchaser and I believe that Seraphim is staple in any Vanar deck as well as Blue Conjurer being staple in any Vanar deck that aims to win in the lategame.


in general - if you want any other general deck just ask in the vanar thread, beside the decks that are already there we can always add some more ideas to build on.

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you are right, you know how my ilena deck looks like (pressure to the roof + seraphim sotw).
but here i tried to give different direction mainly just to give more options.

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