How do you like Rise of the Bloodborn now, 28 days later?


Heya, I’m interested to know how you all guys feel about the expansion. Love? Hate? A little bit of both?

Did it encourage you to play other factions and/or deck types?

Did you try out different modes (gauntlet to constructed or the other way round?)

And how is your collection going, already have all Bloodborn cards?

Grandmaster DemmiRemmi and I sat down to talk about our experience and opinion on this expansion so far, if you’re intersted, check it out:


I like it, the new cards are nice mostly, some are annoying though. I have a positive opinion on it overall. I like how each new expansion comes with a new “gimmick”. Shimzar had the battle pets, RoTB has the BBS activated effects. Favorite cards have to be frigid corona and grandmaster embla. Surrounding the enemies with walls and freezing them from afar makes me feel powerful.


i would say that the meta is a lot less oppressive than it has been for most of duelyst (which is good). sure vet is super weak(which is bad), and some decks like burn magmar or ramp variax are really hard to deal with (which is also bad), but the same happened with spellhai and other decks in the past (which is understandable). it made ziran argeons equal (which is good), but it gave vet barely enough to keep vet mains from quitting the game for the month (which is bad) and ignored magmars egg and grow identity for burn (which FeelsBadMan). ROTB gave good tools for both aggro and control (which is good) but there hasnt been a balance patch (which is bad). the orbs give you 3x of cards you dont have (which is good), and they gave good cards to (nearly) all factions (which is mostly good).

im just glad that a single deck isnt dominating the entire ladder and if you see a certain faction you arent tempted to autoconcede because you 100% know what deck they are running


Mh, I don’t know, I have mixed feelings about RotB.

I think the expansion contains a few egregiously broken cards, but other than them the balancing looks fine overall. I can’t tell exactly what is causing troubles, but it seems to me that the meta is more polarized than before. There are a few “extreme” aggro decks and a few “extreme” control decks which hurt fairly reasonable midrange decks.

I think that playing meta decks is more important than ever before. Also, I have more often a feeling of rock-paper-scissors about the matchups, likely because decks have become more efficient with RotB. This efficiency often makes one lose matches which were apparently won, due to stupid bursts from hand or lucky draws, which is frustrating. I’d like the power level of the cards to be toned down a bit and I’d love to see encouraged strategies which do not require board spamming.

That said, the game is still fun for me.


+The support to Ziran and Lillithe are really successful and enable multiple working deck lists.

-‘Starhorn Synergy’ cards being more powerful in Vaath lists was predicted. Grow & Rebirth still horrible.

*slightly concerned about Vanar’s new control tools limiting future design space.

(I’ve hardly had time to play in over a month so my expirience is rather limited…)


It’s fine. Not overly impactful, which is good, but changes enough to not feel irrelevant or pointless. That said, and whether or not this is necessarily a result of RotBB I don’t know, I really dislike the state of the metagame right now.


-Expansion has balance issues. Not a complaint, just a fact; so I’m neutral on.
-It discouraged me from ever wanting to play Magmar and Abyssian.
-Only touched gauntlet twiced, too busy trying to get certain RotB cards.
-8 out of 13 RotB orbs, still don’t have the card(s) I’m looking for :frowning:


Gauntlet is fun to play now :slight_smile: meta is messed up


It’s kinda weird.

Looking at some of the cards, I initially thought - God, this is gonna be broken. And it kinda didn’t happen. Sure variax is opressive sometimes, when it gets ramped. Sure, Burn magmar at times gets a god hand and just grinds you to dust in 3 turns. But overall those decks are nowhere near as ridiculous as some people think. Variax is countered by pressure, Burn is countered by healing and overall each faction (except poor Vet) got enough tools to feel viable and counter those annoying strats. Ladder is pleasantly varied and the top-tier competitive decks are a nicely balanced mix of control, aggro and even some midrange.

I’ve got to say I am more happy with this expansion than I thought I would be. Especially when I look at HS and the retarded “pirate every class” meta, I feel like CPG actually did a very good job with balancing the game both in terms of different factions and different playstyles.

The only sore spot for me is that my beloved Imperium is mostly memes at this point. I really hope to see that fixed, Vet is having a baaad time right now.


Me too. The RNG must really hate me since out of 8 orbs I have only 1 Vet card :cry: (even that one is probably the worst card in the expansion).[quote=“seraphicreaper, post:7, topic:7896”]
-Expansion has balance issues. Not a complaint, just a fact; so I’m neutral on.

I completely agree with this.


I’ll trade you my nosh’rak for your obscuring blows lol


I would gladly do that any day lol.


I main Abyss, and I have had only 1 Abyssian card (and no neutrals) from 6 or 7 RotB orbs :confused: So I totally know the feeling!


the 13th orb is where I got punish Trinity oath and entropic gaze :frowning: keep going, you’ll get it eventually


Took me like 11 orbs to get Noshy, so there’s that


You complaining but @kvewgir still hasn’t got his Variax after 12 packs XD


it's k


I mainly played Vet and Abyss so her on my thoughts on the expansion cards for those

Wishing that Nosh was cost 6 with lower stats and same effect. 7 makes it super hard to combo with even after turn 9 without having a solid board presence. I am assuming this is to prevent absurd burst but to be fair many of the factions can pull large burst earlier.

I experimented with a couple others and found them to be lacking overall and divine spark just feels like a trash common to me. In all honestly divine spark should probably be another type of cantrip card not a straight draw card.

Abyssian… pretty pimp. Punish is awesome, Variax makes Lillithe dangerous, burster is fun, Furiosa is at least intersting. This faction hit it out of the park.

The two cards that felt a little too good to me are trinity oath which i feel is undercosted and entropic gaze which is too strong for a cantrip at 2 even with the penalty of making your opponent draw.


Its a really good expansion, It effectively support scontrol vanar, healing lyonar and lilithe and brings new tools for other decks. But entropic gaze and tectonic Spikes are a bit too good imho, a slight nerf for both would be Amazing.


I don’t like it what it’s brought to the table, frankly, namely in Magmar and Variax. Pretty much ruined the ladder experience for me.