How do you go about versing Kara?


All my minions end up getting removed and I can never do anything about it then on top of that suddenly there’s vespyrs everywhere and out-of-reach Glacial elementals on the board ;C I have a really low win rate against them and when I do it, it’s barely. Now I get paranoid everytime I come across one ;~;

I literally just hit Diamond with Lyonar, but Vanar proved to be a great obstacle to me.

My deck (+2 Afterblaze, +2 Krons):


Uhhm decimate, sunbloom and tempest maybe helpful well its a waste of sunbloom vs vespyrs

And… Aegis barrier could help


Oh and as lyonar get to their side of the field as soon as possible to try and disrupt the vesper synergy you will get rekt by something as simple as a snowchaser. Also craft regalia as soon as you can. And hm i would probably trade judgement for repulsor beasts. Fit in a 3rd holy imo also


Alright thanks a bunch for the suggestions, I’ll try 'em out since I got nothing to lose. Still saving for Regalia’s though.


No problem buddy good luck :slight_smile: