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How do you feel about duelyst as of december 2017


I could have written a specific thread like how i normally do asking for this or that but after playing so many games i had to stop and wonder why oh why am i playing this.

when i first got into duelyst january 2016 ive always felt i was limited to options when it comes to deck building 40 card deck.Some other ccg give players ability to explore increasing deck size maximum cap.When it comes to gameplay these days as a “noob control player” as myself i look at my losses in duelyst compared to other games. And here comes my other limitation that triggers me maximum 9 mana (now in before the aggro players and not so aggro players who dont wanna be classed as aggro say duelyst is supposed to be a fast paced game blah blah blah im tired of hearing that so please stop trolling with your negativity).

There are so many games lost i could have stabilized if i had 10 mana. for example (just an example) a ziran player facing vet…trying to hang on for dear life u drop emp help stabilize the board somewhat. vet player use blood of air falcius bbs. say im on 3 hp my only play at this point would be drop ironcliffe scintilla bbs and trade into whatever minion he had but wait thats all 9 mana and look whats in my hand a dead aegis barrier. next turn vet blood of air again and im like -___- if only i had 10 mana.

in other games ive come back from snowbally decks all the time and im playing with for example 12 mana. these are just my two concerns with the game 1. deck limitation 2. 9 instead of 10 max mana limitation. if these restrictions was broken there wouldnt be a thing as “top 0 tier decks” because i would crush them all hahaha… anyways if u have read this far thanks and what are your thoughts of the game currently and please dont talk about vaath vaath vaath magmar is nothing im refering to the game on a bigger scale than just vaath.

For persons who cant understand what is being said and would like visual understanding… coming back from games like these is why i enjoy the game https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-L-kPPmDYZd2fFYS3e5-


Reason for a post like this would also address the issue of diversity due to these restrictions we find that high level cards 6… or could say 5 mana up hardly see play because everyone netdeck the best deck. i remember when exun was released. everyone and their mother was playing it yes i know the game has changed since then more removal cheaper draw cards but exun was scary lol. it was that sense of crazy deckbuilding i missed thats why i brought up this topic


Sorry, no offense meant, but I have serious troubles at parsing this post. Could you maybe edit it to convey the intended message more clearly?


Of course, not everyone would relate to your ideas as you’re pretty much the last Zir’an player in existence.


Bascially he want’s to have more cards in his deck and more Mana available because he believes he would beat everything with 60 cards and games that go up to 1x mana.


i would actually build a 45 card deck for your correction a couple magesworns n circle of life n my deck would be complete
cant fit them in my greedy list

sometimes i be in games and lets say i reduce the numbers of ironcliffe or claim or big boy excelsious i be like damn if i only had that one extra copy


He’s not alone! I play Zir’an.


Number of cards in deck doesn’t affect length of game. Only consistency of draw.
Games don’t last long enough to be affected by deck size.
If deck size was increased new players with small card collections will struggle more.
Also part of the fun is you couldn’t fit everything into one deck. It is one of the reasons why you learn to refine a deck’s focus and improve. Then when you can’t fit an idea you make a new deck.

You can technically have 10 mana with mana tiles…
More seriously though is it would throw balance.

Vanar will enjoy mana ramping more, maintaining the mana advantage longer since it takes longer to hit the max limit.

More broken combos will be possible.
Makantor + Thumping Wave will return.
Mantra combos of sorts with less mana reduction needed.
This may cause more huge burst combos, possibly OTK ones which will not be fun.


Oh, I see, thanks for clarifying.

I don’t know, we can maybe discuss such an idea for the sake of an argument on game design, but I guess it’s not going to lead anywhere. I think that increasing the deck size and the mana pool would likely lead to a much different game, so I’m not sure I see the pros and cons.

That said, I don’t think that these changes are going to make Healyonar more viable. Aggressive decks can still try to close games as fast as possible, while Finality will still be there to counter the deck as hard as now.


I believe you are talking about YOUR own mana cap, @kevin2hard. You probably don’t understand that your opponent will also be doing awesome things at this point.

I also don’t understand why 10 is better than 9, or, say, 11 in this case. Numbers are just numbers.


If anything, ever since post draw 2, the game has suffered from numerous balancing and pacing issues because deck sizes are too BIG, not too small.

Think of your average Gauntlet and despite having 30 cards you still have wildly different games and draw sequences. (Granted this is also due to not running 3ofs). But at the same time having less space to work with as a real limiter and forces more creativity in deckbuilding, not less.

So Kevin here’s my hypothetical counter suggestion. Make deck sizes smaller, but remove the deck size limit.

Less is more, as they say.


sure let those other factions bring the pain i dont mind one big brawl


less is more u say well i wouldnt be playing duelyst my interest would be lost. ive seen a a game out there that does that however making a smaller deck comes at a price of starting with smaller life points


Don’t know about Gauntlet, but do you really think it’s a good idea to make Duelyst Decks even more consistent? I mean 39 cards + replace is already pretty crazy in terms of consistency, don’t know if i want to put it even higher…


I feel like i want to play this on mobile. :frowning:


REEEEEEEEEEEEE, mobile, mobile! CPG, give us mobile already, Let me waste my free time commuting on your game! REEEEEEEEEEEE


laughing2hard at this point to continue lol


Fix the game please everything is bad and wrong


Hold up why is this thread about me tho… i pose the question what do you all feel about duelyst?? why isnt anyone putting in their input about how they feel hmm


Well, is it a meaningful question? From all I can tell, this is a promotion of an entirely personal opinion hastily disguised as a constructive overview.