How do you feel about disenchanting whole factions?


I see a lot people playing single factions exclusively. While not that radical, I was thinking about disenchanting Lyonar since it’s my least favorite. What is your opinion about doing something like this?


Imho it’s really bad idea, for example when new expansion will come maybe lyonar will get some cards/mechanics which will really fit your playstyle and then… oh you have no cards for lyonar. After that you would need to craft entire faction once again which is like 3x spirit loose comparing to what you got from disenchanting. But there is a way, if you have some legendary/epic cards for lyonar and you dont like this faction at all and need some spirit for your favourite faction then disenchant those cards for some profit. But overall i would just wait for expansion to come and then figure out is it worth of trying :slight_smile: Sorry for my shitty english.


totally fine, when i first started playing i chose my ‘main’ faction after trying them all and dusted all the cards from all other factions for about a month. My mindset was that if i can gather enough dust to make 1 complete deck for 1 faction (non buget) i’d have more fun than if i were to play whatever i happen to have on hand.

Of course after i made the deck i wanted and had most of my ‘main’ faction cards I started collecting cards from all other factions (dusting nothing) so that eventually i can make decks for other ones. Except abyssian whose cards i dust instantly even now since i do not like the faction so i don’t think i will want to play with it any time soon.


Yeah, I chose Vet as my main and Songhai as a secondary and dust everything else thats for other faction since I dislike playing the “op” factions and have always preferred the out of meta stuff.
So far, I have disenchanted 2 Holy Immolations and 2 Makantors and I’M PROUD OF IT.



I tend to rank my factions from most to least favorite (including likely future cards), then disenchant mostly stuff from my bottom 3 (Magmar, Songhai & Vanar for me). That seems to work out for me. I also disenchant some of the Neutrals that I really don’t see myself playing.


I do that. I play Magmar, Vet, and Lyonar. Sometimes I play Abyssian too. Vanar, and Songhai are auto disenchant for me. I think it is good for saving up dust, but if you ever want to play one of the factions later on, its gonna suck cuz you won’t have any cards.


Wholeheartedly recommend it, but only if you never (and I do mean never) intend to ever play that faction. You will get a good selection of cards you want to play much quicker.


I wouldn’t recommend it. I disenchanted stuff until i had a playable deck, but since then i just take whatever i get in case i want to play that faction/deck/archetype/card. And i heavily regret disenchanting a hexblade and a time maelstrom (don’t regret 2 Gravity wells, tusk boar, rook and prismatic serpenti tho, yes i am an heretic).


i completely dusted my songhai collection, and most of my vanar collection(kara dont need no vespyrs). i keep the others around so i can try out troll decks and complete daily quests. i completely regret the neutral cards i dusted though

abyssian + magmar = the masters of life and death


If there is a deck or a card you REALLY want, why not, especially if you just started and want to “accelerate” a little bit. I mean, there is no reason to keep a card you’ll never play unless you’re aiming for a full collection. However I would DE useless neutrals cards before faction ones.


Life is short. Disenchant any cards to get the deck you want.


There’s only two factions I know I will never play: Songhai and Vet.
But I don’t dust the cards. No one knows what I’ll think tomorrow - not even me! :sweat_smile:


Depends on how much time you have to play. I’m pretty casual and I scrapped anything that wasn’t abyssian and I’m still missing some cards I want

No regrets

I would advise against it if you are a new player tho