How do we improve duelyst?


Alright so I’ve been browsing the forums and Reddit for answers as to why everyone thinks that duelyst is dying, and to be honest I’m just as confused as ever. So instead on focusing on what everyone’s saying I thought of thinking up ways to help CP and Duelyst as a whole.

Firstly we need to deal with the media.

Before I started playing duelyst I had never even heard of it. Literally the only reason that I started to pay attention to it was because it was/is free to play and a YouTuber that I watch uploaded a video on it. (Any mrfruit fans out there?) Duelyst as a game is pretty flipping addicting once you get into it so the issue lies within the marketing of the game. We as players have the power to help CP in this. We can share duelyst on social media sites, with our friends, and even leave good reviews on the steam page despite everyone’s reluctance to play on it as opposed to the downloadable client.

Secondly we need to work on the interactions between Duelyst and it's fanbase. 

What I mean by that is to increase players access to lore and/or modding abilities. The in-game codex and card lore texts are doing a pretty good job at supplying the community with interesting little tidbits for the mind and I’d understand if you decided to shove lore to the back of your mind since card balances/additions take priority, but if you’d let the community do stuff in regards to that then they’d be able to create something on there own. Mods don’t have to be anything extreme and can be purely aesthetic just like some of the mods I’ve already seen floating around the forums. And for all you creators out there, don’t be afraid to share your stuff. Whatever you can contribute can help a lot towards furthering duelyst popularity.

Thirdly we need achievements. 

Stuff that can keep your player base attentitive and engaged. Even simple stuff such as heal a total of xxx or win a game using x amount of spells could give players a sense of progress/purpose other than faction ribbons and new cards. (Of course with achievements come rewards, but I will be taking a look at that later on) EDIT: By we need achievements I do not mean that they do not exist, I’m just stating that they need to be more accessible/viewable. Sorry for the confusion

Fourthly single-player missions would be a welcome bonus. 

I’ve seen a lot of people mentioning it and I’d have to agree with them. Single player missions allowing for players to experience a more casual side of duelyst and could provide an alternative to the often frustrating meta of the ladder. As a side note it could be a good avenue for someone to blow off some steam if they’ve either suffered a devastating losing streak of if they’re just new to the game and still trying to learn the admittably complex mechanics. The daily missions are a step in the right direction, but it isn’t exactly too satiating in the long run.

Fifth, Easter eggs. 

What’s a good game without some cool little secrets? They don’t have to be as complex as the ones in CoD zombies, but they would be nice to see especially the ones like the puzzle of the seven sisters (the one in forums way back when). Though I may not have any ideas regarding Easter eggs, I’m sure that any one of your community could help you in that regards.

Sixth, rewards. 

Cosmetics would be greatly appreciated. The prismatic effect and different card backs are a good start, but a greater variety of card skins would be a great goal for players. You already have different card skins, but making them purchasable through spirit or money would both bring you a profit and make players more dedicated to spirit gathering or just more interested In he game.

Overall, duelyst is a fun game and I'd like to help keep it that way. 

Any input will be welcome!:slight_smile:

DISCLAIMER: This post is not meant to say that Duelyst is in any way dying. It is meant for the sole purpose of helping develop ways in which we as a community can improve a game that we enjoy playing. And to bring attention to the parts of the game that seem odd at best.


I love those ideas !
And honestly, I stopped caring about Steam reviews. Especially the negative ones, most are just empty shells. I left a review myself but I tried to make it as constructive as possible.
And I think I’m going off topic now but Sream reviews are just so discouraging at times, I just try new games blindly now, because if I read them, I’d just be discouraged by all the people nitpicking over ONE aspect of a game.
I think the team, especially our lovely Ryvirath, makes a great job communicating. Players also are implicated into the game enough iMO, we had this lore contest a while ago, I can’t remember but I think the winners are supposed to have their entries become lore for the cards. An art contest and mods of all kind.
Achievements. Agreed. I really like the current level and Ribbon systems but we need more ! We need in game titles ! When you win a contest, when you played 1K matches with a faction, when you won 1K matches bla bla. Maybe a title for all of us forum goers here ?
Single player is planned.
We have some easter eggs in the form of Envybaer, The Scientist Mogwai and others. We also have tons of Evangelion, don’t we @excogitator ? But I wouldn’t mind more. How though, I don’t know.
Rewards. I could do with more skins. But I’m already going to spend a lot of money on that sweet Starhorn skin. And Vaath skin. And that Magmar like cardback. They aren’t rewards but I think we already got enough skins.


Ah I believe that there was a misunderstanding with the definition of card skins, what I meant were the actual minion designs (aka skins) such as blue spell jammer dark keeper and what not. Sorry if I wasn’t too clear about that:sweat_smile:


Well that is all devs are working on I believe, list is somewhere on the forum.


Ah, that ! Yeah, I’d totally be in for craftable unit skins. And more unit skins. Totally.


Do you know where that might be? I think I’ve seen it being mentioned, but i have no clue what to look for in the search bar:sweat:


Here you go.


We have a lot of waifus, but how about adding some more husbandos in the mix?


almost all of what you want Duelyst to be already exists. seems kinda like your just asking for more more and more. which they have been pretty open about more coming. the community stuff is spot on though.


What I would love to see again would be card reveals like CPG did with Shimzar, were their were daily card leaks. Seeing the new cards would hype up the game again and spark new interests, and overall I think any forms of sneak-peak or hints to upcomming changes creates a positive/more interactive atmosphere within the game community.


Husbandos are pretty neat idea they will bring some ladies to this game, but I’m afraid I have to disagree with you. Never. Too. Many. Waifus.


I’ve brought this up before but will raise it again: streamers are being underutilized as a resource.

There’s a streamer program into which only a tiny number of people are allowed admittance. The “Live Streams” section was added to the game what, 3 months ago, and rarely has more than a handful of people, even though there are a couple dozen smaller names who stream regularly. As I write this, close to evening prime time on the east coast of the US, that section is completely empty.

This is a loss for everyone. Duelyst players should always open the game and see people streaming the game. There should be lots of encouragement for more people to stream, and assistance for them to be seen. The list of people streaming Duelyst on Twitch should have tons of people in it, not just a handful.

I really hope some improvements in this area are coming soon. They would benefit everyone.


As the previous person said, almost everything you mentioned exists.

Media? CP paid some HS guys for promotion - IMO not the most devoted ones (such as Kripp), but still.

Lore? There are contests. Mods? You can freely create them, many were posted on Reddit and forums, you just need to search.

Achievements have already existed for a very long time. Unless something changed, which I doubt since it wasn’t announced and there would be a ruckus if CP did ghost changes again, they are still there. They’re even integrated with Steam.

Single player missions exist in form of challenges and campaign type of expansions are planned.

There will be more events like the one for seven sisters, at least that’s what they said after it was solved.

Making card skin obtainable is also planned.


More single player stuff would be awesome. Remember the seven sisters riddle? That brought a lot of fans together and indriduced another, almost ARG aspect to the game. I hope they do something else like it in the future (huge shoutout to @Okojo for creating this) . Maybe, there could be in client support for this in the future.

As for advertisement, I have no experience at all in this field. However, I have not seen any Duelyst advertisements outside of its appearance in top games lists and a few Hearthstone streamer highlights. Again, I have no idea how to advertise a game but I feel that more media coverage for this game will do it good.

As for Cosmetics, I want to see faction pallet swaps/ shifts in the shop. These can be toggled on and off and switch a colour and all it’s shades to another for one faction. For example, a pallet swap that makes all of the Magmar units brown (like they were in the alpha).


Though I’m not saying that I don’t trust you when I say this, where’s your reference? I’d like to see for myself where CP makes all of its announcements outside of twitter and the forums and for starters when was the last time that you heard of duelyst outside of, well, duelyst? And even if you include the various little YouTube channels that feature duelyst exclusively it’s little more than a pittance in comparison to the number of other channels that feature games. Heck, I even saw an ad for a rocket league tournament my local taco bell flyer board. To quote qeltar [quote=“qeltar, post:12, topic:6213”]
streamers are being underutilized as a resource

If no one is able to see news for duelyst unless they’re an active player then I don’t know how duelyst is supposed to grow as a game. Whether we like it or not, no new players = less popularity.

Same argument for lore and modding. Unless there is a section in the website devoted to either or unless we can see more announcements on their twitter account then how are we, the community, even know that they exist outside of what’s in the game?

Achievements seem too hidden. If players don’t know what to aim for then what is an achievement other than an unexpected and often unappreciated gift? Achievements need to be shown in-game and even if one does look for achievements online the 12 that we have access to don’t exactly produce a lot of hype which is crucial for motivating players to get them.

All i’m saying is that most of the playerbase would be oblivious to changes/ future plans assuming that most players are casual players and that is something that can’t stand if CP plans on making duelyst last in the long run.


Is Duelyst really dying? Did i miss something? Reading this Thread makes me feel spending Time with Duelyst was nonsense…


Dying? I wouldn’t go that far. But it’s clearly in a lull right now. Queue times are longer. Streamer viewer counts are down. Steam charts are heading steadily downward. I am sure CPG knows this, and I am hopeful that they have some solid plans to generate excitement and increase the userbase (beyond just an expansion).

I do think there is a lot of room for improvement in many of the areas mentioned by the OP. Not only do we need more promotion of the game (and not just tournaments, which I would guess mostly appeal to people who already play) but we need more things in the game to excite players and make them want to recommend it to friends.

This is where the game is falling down most right now, IMO. A game like this lives on word of mouth. Right now there’s not a lot of new blood coming in.

And again on the streamer thing: CPG should be doing everything it can to encourage streaming, as this is free visibility for the game and encourages more excitement and play both for existing and new potential players. As I write this, there are currently two well-established, well-known players streaming Duelyst, both with more than 10 viewers, and neither appears in the in-game live stream list. If the idea was that only showing the biggest streamers in-game would make people think Duelyst was a big game, I think it’s a regretfully bad strategy.


Too many of my attempts at word of mouth ends with “Oh but I don’t like the art style :/”

Between the painted backgrounds, the sprites, and the big lipped anime style, it really feels like at least one should be adjusted to feel more consistent with the other two. Two styles can feel like a pleasant contrast, three is just a blatant clash.


Well, they better get that translation soon ! I recommend the game to friends but their english is just too bad to understand the game. I think this is an enormous issue, for now.


There’s that mod for the lips that just got posted a few days ago, if anything