How do I REMOVE the "won 100 matches" icons every time I start a match?


I don’t like them and I want them to NOT show up when I start up a game. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, every time you win 100 games with a faction an icon that represents that faction appears underneath your avatar at the start of each match.

I don’t like it because it makes me feel uncomfortable to show my opponent that “Haha, I’ve won 100 games with these factions!”. I’ve played Duelyst since Beta and obviously I won 100 games with those factions, because I played the game for that long. But it makes me feel like I’m bragging to have those icons appear.

And since the game changes over time and new things get released or get patched if I lose a game while showing my opponents those accomplishments it makes me feel extra shitty.

Is there any option to remove those accomplishment icons whenever I start up a match?



Well you might feel like it, but I assure you how people really don’t care and are aware how those badges represent nothing but the time spent playing with the faction. Only ones that think badges mean more than that are some of the bronzies but you’re not getting matched against them so whatever. You’re making way too big of a deal out of it. No one expects you to play well just because you have some badges.



i ussualy go up to rank 3, and i feel like the ribbons mean a lot, when i go against somebody with 10 ribbons on the faction he is using against me i feel afraid, even if i have won a ton of games against people like that.


If you really, really wanted, you could replace the faction ribbon icons with blank transparent .pngs, but that would still leave the little number icon floating in the corner if you or your opponent had multiple of any given ribbon.


You know, between beta players, S-rank players using alternate accounts, the meta changing massively and people picking factions they don’t usually play… the ribbons don’t mean anything at all.

I like the idea of removing the image files though. Anyone know if there is a way to write a script that mods the game with one click?


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