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How do I panther?

I have no clue if making pantheran 8/8 made it viable in the least, but I at least hope it’s out of the dumps. Right, I want to play a budget dervish/pantheran list while not having to waste too much spirit on crafting third wish, and fault, and kha-kha and all the non-budget vet cards.

The base of the deck is bound to be something like this, with zirix as the ideal general. Instead of crafting third wish, I’m going to be relying on duskweaver to pop those third wishes. I might also add mirrorims if my first few duskies don’t give me the buffs I need. (why isn’t hatefurnace a vet card?) What sort of deck do I build around this? I’m not a vet main so I have no idea.

First of all, you have to run third wish, second of all: Don’t.


This is what I’ve been playing recently. It is F8D’s Pantheran deck from pre-UP with Falcius replaced with Sand Howler (That might not have been the best Idea from my part since Howler will obviously never replace Falcius but he found his own nich use here and so far I’m OK with him).

While this deck is surprisingly solid, I would not recommend under any conditions you try playing Pantheran without 3 Scion’s Third Wishes. Duskweaver can help you fulfill Pantheran’s “Trial” but you must not rely solely on him to give you the proper wishes.

I believe I have you on my Ingame friend list, if you are interested in watching this deck in action feel free to watch some of my replays.


a couple of quick questions. Why reliquarian? Is he all that useful? I also dno’t understand the inclusion of so many dying wish minions without corpse combustion being included. allo, aymara dioltas are all things that would synergize better with that sort of deck. is replicant really necessary to thin out the deck? wouldn’t orbweaver be a better choice? and lastly, might it not be a bit better to utilize a more aggro oriented deck frame? (btw is accumulonimbus still good after the nerf?)

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I think the goal here is after meeting pantheran’s conditions, you can do a 7-mana combo with pantheran + reliquarian to give you an immediate +8 atk buff that also resummons the sacrificed pantheran and everything else that died that game. Tombstone + 2nd wish is also a very potent combo often forcing your opponent to hard remove it.


wait, what is the vetruvian relic artifact?

It resummons x amount of minions when your general attacks.


He isn’t absolutely mandatory but is certainly nice to have. You can combo him with a 0 mana Pantheran to give your general +8 attack while summoning almost every minion you played in the game. He also can be used to kill Aymara if she sticks to deal either massive damage (in the case she was in your opponents face you can deal +15 damage while healing yourself 5 health) or simply proc her very good Dying wish (in case she got stunned, Daemonic lured, Repulser Beasted or something else along that line).

Corpse Combustion is for Dedicated Dying Wish decks which would omit Pantheran and look completely different. The Dying wish minions included are simply Solid minioins on there own that also happen to synergise well with this deck. Not to Mention Dying Wish minions will usually provide more value than Opening Gambit ones when revived by Relliquarian. Dioltas is still one of the best 4 drops in the game and has good synergy with Second Wish, while Aymara is still the same answer or die card she always was albeit easier to answer now than before.

Thinning the deck is very good since you really want to wind one of each wish to start dropping free Stormmetal Golems. Replicant is also a buff target for First and Second Wish.

No. Orbweaver is just terrible and there is no reason to use him at all. Not even in dedicated Dervish decks.

This is certainly an option, especially since all three Wishes can be used to deal more damage to face. Running a more aggressive deck would also promote more card draw which in turn will make it easier to fish for the three Wishes and those 0 mana Stormmetal golems.

It is mostly not worth running now and certainly not good at what it used to be played for I.E. going to face with. I still played it a bit post-nerf and I can say that it is much harder to find an oppertunity use now than it was before.

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What are your thoughts on using x3 Portal Guardian and x3 Sandswirl Reader instead of Sand Howler and Aymara?


does portal guardian trigger on dervish spawns from obelysks?

Swapping Howler for Portal Guardian sounds wonderful and I should definitely try that.

I’m less sure about swapping Aymara with Sandswirl Reader, while Reader is undeniably good Aymara is also very important in this deck from my experience. I guess it ultimately comes down to rather you want more threats or more answers.

Yes he does, he would be a perfect fit in this deck for sure.


Dang, that’s a really cool deck idea, its weird but it makes sense, i love it! I’m sure to try it sometime.

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