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How did you discover this game?


So I wonder how did you discover this game? Is it from an ad or a suggestion or a random search?

So I discovered this game when I was trying to create a new event for a game . My event is named Duelyst then to make sure that I don’t plagiarize anything I typed Duelyst in the searchbar and discovered this game and I abandoned my event cuz tis game is pun



Also, I discovered Duelyst during its Kickstarter - looked amazing and was definitely going to be released so, instant pre-alpha for me.


I played a card with the discover effect and had a choice between Duelyst, ES: Legends, and Spellwever. I went for Duelyst purely because of the artstyle and it ended up it was the best choice when it comes to gameplay too. Lucky me.



oh deym I guess im not OL when that post was created and it didn’t show up in the list of related topics

Thanks for pointing out


I have seen Angry Joe playing it on his channel on youtube and thought, this could run on my ancient PC. Also I am old MtG player and love card games and chess. Duelyst seemed like a perfect combination of both :smiley:


Damn I practically put the same answer but with a different gif.

The previous thread is two months old, so this is alright. But remember to search for similar threads when posting new ones!


I used to play Hearthstone and saw streamers playing Duelyst. I gave it a try, and now I have nearly never touched Hearthstone and focus on Duelyst


Poxnora forums recommended it. I had searched for a very very long time for an online style Final Fantasy Tactics game and poxnora was the closest I could find. Sadly it was riddled with problems and was rather expensive to play competitively. The game has come a long way but it was hard to keep up with. Then randomly some one mentioned this on the forums I came a checked it out and I have not played pox since.


i was aware if its existence for a while as it came up in my youtube recommended lists because of hearthstone but i largely ignored it.
then hearthstone got a bit stale (as it did several times over the years as i played it since closed beta) and i tried chronicles runescape legends as another card game. but while it was entertaining gameplay wise i didn’t like the art design and the “world”.

then noxious showcased duelyst on his channel and i had nothing better to play so why not.

now one of my most played games in the recent months. only behind wow legion i think.


From /r/dawngate when it shut down, applied for a key to get in and did.


Yeah, not special at all.


Saw it on Trumps stream as sponsored content. I don’t think he liked it but I thought it looked fantastic :grin:


i was bored my computer died playing league of legend was looking for a game that would challenge my brain and keep me excited for my low end laptop hearthstone didnt excite me tried loads of games until late january someone in my hs jamaican whatsapp group said try duelyst i looked at it and said wtf is this low end graphics…and i reminded myself it was same thought i had when i transitioned from a console game (call of duty) to league of legends and after playing a few games and realised i got so much legendary pulls which help u progress in this game 100 times faster than hs i was hooked. and its always evolving so it secured my number one spot as best game of all times


I was playing Hearthstone before and read in the forums about a game called Spellweaver w/c is a better f2p card game than HS. I tried it and lurked in its forum and someone mentions another better game called Faeria. Tried Faeria and again lurked in the forums and someone mentioned another game that also uses a board called Duelyst. Tried this game and was hooked since then ditched the other 3 games.


TV Show related to videogames (French).
Even contacted the journalist after adding him as friend online.


Mogwai. Got back into mons when Oras was released because saphire was my first game ever, watched some poketubers, found mogwai, liked him, watched duelyst, saw makantor, installed the game.


I knew your ign was a pun on “Noir Désir” :stuck_out_tongue: Fan of the singer ?


I watched a video made by “Gamestar”, a German news magazine for video games, that previewed Duelyst. I immediately fell in love with the visuals and gameplay.


A Youtuber I watched did something over it as a sponsored video thing. Decided to see how much it cost, and was pleasantly surprised it was free, ever since it’s been my favorite PC game.


Everyone forgot me :disappointed_relieved: