How did Mirage Master die right after being summoned?


ill break down exactly what happened ingame.

it was my turn and i used Deathfire Crescendo (Give a friendly minion, “Deathwatch: Gains +2/+2”) on a Wraithling. i killed 2 enemy minions and now my Wraithling is at 5/5. With this, i attacked his General, and was now at 5/3. ended my turn.

his turn. he attacked the Wraithling with a 2/2. W is at 7/3. attacked with another 2/2. W is at 9/3. summoned a Mirage Master (Opening Gambit: This minion transforms into a copy of an enemy minion), copied my W at 9/3 but was immediately killed and now my W is a 11/5.

it seemed he was confused about what happened along with myself. we’d thought it would transform into a 9/3 minion.


Same bug with mirror meld. Basically, the wraithling was at -5 HP but had +8 HP from buffs and game incorrectly killed him before applying the bonus.


ah… thanks… ok …
is this correct?

the wraithling starts with 1 HP. attacked his general so now its at -1 HP. got attacked by a 2/2, then another 2/2, so now the wraithling is at -5 HP?

so you have to take into account how much dmg it has taken previously. apply the dmg first then the buffs, for any minion or spell that transforms into a copy?

is this something that is going to be fixed? or something hard coded into the game