How could I improve this deck?


Hello everybody , I would advice to improve my deck ( just take Gold to him, and would like to get to Diamond)


get rid of gor and inkhorn. you should add another sphere and some dark transformations. sphere isnt enough draw, add a rite of the undervault or 1/2 sojourners.


I posted related topic a week ago, got nice advices, it may interest you : Need Advice on Creep Deck


I would at minimum remove both gors, both shadow novas and the inkhorns. You’d rather be proactive early and you will never have time to cast shadow nova. Also your creep generation is pretty good that you don’t need it. Inkhorn can cost you late game especially as you don’t have much draw since in all likelihood you’ll get a garbage pet which you don’t want to draw/replace into. Void pulse which without rite is circumspect and only useful against spellhai which is then even arguable.

Max out on Kelaino, juggernaut and sphere. Kelaino is great against aggro and stabilising if you ever get to untap with a board and jug is one of your payoff cards for building creeps and is crucial to overload your opponents dispels. You should try to fit 1-2 rites. Spelljammer isn’t suitable because even if its a three drop which this deck really needs, you rarely exhaust your hand until super late.

If you can, replace Reaper of the nine dice with Kron. I almost certainly expect Kron to be nerfed and if so you can then salvage it back for the full spirit amount. After that get the third Klaxon for consistency/synergy and because the provoke is super relevant.

I like to run one skorn and lightbender to potentially have access to it for certain matchups (my single lightbender has won games on it’s own against vetruvian that nothing else would’ve). If you’re having problems early spectral blade can help. I’d run one/two dark transformation as a necessary evil. It’s overcosted for what it does but lures aren’t enough on it’s own.

Overall the deck is consistent enough to get obliterate when you can use it effectively so feel free to replace it if it is in your starting hand and T1 so you don’t have an artificial mulligan.