How can I see which faction card belongs to?


Thats the question I ask myself everyday since I started playing. Don’t advice “remember its name, leave match, go to collection, press crafting, search by name” or “remember its name, leave match, open browser, go to wikia, search by name”; thanks in advance


I’d advise you to learn the colors and the theme of a faction. That’s all. Say, Songhai units are red and have an asian theme. Magmars are green and a reptile theme.


Colours. Red = Songhai, Lyonar= Yellow, Vanar = Blue, Magmar = Green, Vetruvian = Yellow & Brown

Or better yet.

Just keep playing the game. You’ll start remembering what cards do, their interactions ,and their factions eventually.


Anyway, the point is good. Sure, we all know most of the cards by heart, but most of the players here are in the Diamond division or better (see the poll). Having something which distinguishes the cards between different factions and, potentially, sets would be useful to new players and likely nice to see in game


Yeah, Hearthstone did this kind of stuff very well. Each set has their own distinctive mark in the background of the text. I hope to see something similar for duelist in the future, with the second release right around the corner, we could use a way to distinguish the 3 sets from each other. And some differences for factions would be nice too.


Unique colors for each faction instead of that boring blue background would be very nice imo. And I asked Ryv about sets marks but he didn’t reply.


Here, take it, and tell me what color it is:

I play 6 different card games now and played quite a few in the past. Duelyst isn’t card game but utilizes collectible card system so it applies. Don’t remember single card game with such bsheet. Developers do distinguish marks not for fun - there are good reasons.
Yeah, I understand they want to keep some simplicity on a card. Yeah, maybe in some cases designers can’t fit set symbol anywhere good so they leave it aside. But card color? Simply card color?? Wtf???


I’ve been playing this game long enough (1 year) that it’s almost second nature to me where cards belong to. But, I do agree that there needs to indicator to differentiate cards of different faction and expansion, especially with the 4 expansions a year goal of CP. This should be brought up to developers.


These cards are neutral. It is true, colored cards could be good. I played MTG and HS, they have solid system for that.


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