How can I improve this songhai deck?


Hello people! So I have been enjoying duelyst, and gathered some new shiny cards to use. So I decided to throw a deck together to see how it works out. I haven’t been able to find any songhai decks that I had all the cards for, so I decided to do one myself.

Only thing I crafted were the lantern foxes, I saw them in pretty much every deck so why not include them.

Xho seems to be drawing me real good spells, like Koan of Horns or Spiral Technique, so I’d keep that until I have the actual spells I guess, lol. I decided to go for Reva Eventide, because BBS+Killing Edge+Mirror Meld won me 2 games.


So far I took out 2x Four Winds Magi and added 2x Mist Dragon Seal.


I believe this deck needs some draw mechanics, because with IF, Siberspine and MDS you’ll run out of cards pretty fast. Adding Spelljammers is an easy way. You don’t have real late game options anyway, so it could help to be more aggressive. Or you could draw with Heaven’s Eclipse (in this case I’d keep Magi and mb even put 1 Spiral. So you could draw it with eclipse into the win :slight_smile: But it’s only my opinion).

Also Mirror Meld is begging you to use Tusk Boars instead of Tigers.


The deck has changed a little since then, but the same problems are still there. I’d love to have a Spelljammer, or Sworn Sister L’Kian, but I don’t have either of those cards, nor the spirit to craft them. So far I use Xho and Lantern Fox to draw me cards. The idea is to damage the enemy down to 8 hp and then survive till turn 8 to use Spiral Technique. I don’t have Tusk Boars either, mirror meld I usually use on Xho or BBS+Killing Edge.

I’m a bit limited in terms of the cards, as spirit orbs ain’t dropping me much goodies.

Mana Vortex seems to also drop from Xho pretty often, so I only use one. (Because I only have one, and it’s only use right now is to combo with Spiral Technique.

Here’s the updated picture of the deck. I swapped some stuff for phoenix fire and used blistering skorn to clear and also combo with lantern fox for more phoenix fires, as a card drawing mechanism and also to deal damage to the general to get them down to 8hp. I’ll start adding your recommended cards as I get them, though with my luck I’ll be crafting legendaries from commons, lol.


Try something like this based on the Epic/Legendary cards you already have.

Epic/Legendary to look for: Battle Panddo, Heaven’s Eclipse, Spelljammer, Onyx Bear Seal, etc.