How can I improve this deck?


Currently I’m playing Magmar, but I decided to throw this deck together from cards I had lying around and see how it does, just wondering what you more experienced guys think of it.

I know it’s not really good to have only one of anything, but orbs are dropping commons all the time, and I’m not sure whether I wanna pour my spirit into this until I know it would work.

Thanks in advance! :smiley:


Stormmetal Golem is a card you don’t want to be running. Whether it’s another Healing Mystic, another Dancing Blades or something else entirely, I’m sure you can, and should, find a replacement.

As you said, one ofs, unless they’re very specific utility cards, are probably not where you want to be. Regalia in particular is the kind of card where if you’re going to run it you want to have all 3, as it gets insane in multiples. Yes, I understand it’s Legendary and some people are on a tight budget.

Sundrop Elixir should be cut. It’s fine in the dedicated Lyonar heal deck, but that’s a different archetype from what you’re running. It’s centered around Zir’an, Lightchaser, Sunforge Lancer, etc. It’s probably powerful enough to get to Diamond but I think it’d hit a pretty hard brick wall upon getting there. It’s too combo-reliant and too dispel vulnerable to be consistently good at that level of play.

If you’re running Divine Bond, which I think should only be a 2 of at most, you ABSOLUTELY want Dioltas, as the Tombstone it makes is one of the best targets in the game for it. You already have 3 Ironcliffe Guardian, so that could give you a really strong foundation to build from.

I’d strongly consider adding the third Sun Bloom. Dispel is extremely powerful right now.

The last thing I want to say is that for a player clearly on a budget what you have right now really isn’t all that bad all things considered. I think you should be able to get to Gold and be relatively competitive there with what you’ve already got. I wish you the best! :slight_smile:


Alright, thanks for the advice! Yes, I agree with you, I did think about not including the stormmetal golem, but I thought it would be better to ask. :smiley:

I wanted to put in dioltas, but I’d have to spend all my spirit to get two. I’ll think about it some more and I might do it when I get some more. Three divine bonds is purely because I never get it when I need it. :smiley: I’ll see if I can cope without one of them, lol.

I’m quite limited in terms of cards, I only have around 800 spirit and my orbs never drop anything good (Is it normal to get 1 rare 4 commons like 7 times in a row?).

I’m happy to hear I can actually throw together at least a half-decent deck, and even more happy to hear that it can get me to gold. I’m still on a loss streak with my magmar deck and I feel like varying things up to keep it fun. :smiley: I’m on rank 13 with 103 wins, I was one win off of rank 10 yesterday though. It’s starting to get pretty intense with my friends all being on gold because of their insane luck, lol.

Thank you for everything, it’s really nice to see such a friendly and helpful community for a game like this!


Yup, Ive gotten that 12 times in a row from core set orbs


Haha, glad to know I’m not alone! xD

By the way, the deck works wonders, 5 wins in a row due to ironcliffe + divine bond, I freaking love it.

Thanks again, I wouldn’t try this without you lovely people!


Just reached rank 10 with this deck, my only loss was against nearly the same deck, but using second sun instead of dioltas.

So happy. :smiley:


This needs more serpentis.


they all need more serpentis