How can I improve? Replay Analysis vs. Mech Faie in Silver


This is a replay analysis I did for @logos89 . I hope it was helpful for him.

I want to offer this service to all Bronze and Silver players who want some help. If you lost a certain game and you don’t know why or if you are having a bad time in general, send me a message and I will get back to you!

I only need you to friend me ingame (IGN: Boronian) and send me your decklist either as import link or as an imgur link (from I won’t concentrate on the deckbuilding part but I need to know how your deck looks like.


I too would like to volunteer help. IGN : LEL7, LEL7 #7839 on Discord.
I would rather give in game coaching rather than just replay analysis, teaching how to play the game. If you’re in Bronze or Silver, hit me up on Discord!


Sent you a friend invite. Please feel free to offer suggestions on improvements for my game against Zophyn


Great! :slight_smile:

Next time I’d really appreciate a deck list though! It improves the help I can offer by far. But I will be traveling the next weeks so I can only do it today so I will do it without the decklist (otherwise I would wait for it).

When I am done, I’ll send you the video link in a pm and you can decide if you want me to post it publicly or not :slight_smile:


definitely post! ^^


Okay I uploaded it :slight_smile:


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