How can I improve my deck?


So I’m only rank 14 atm so quite new, but this has been working relatively well so far.
I’m not entirely sure what to add to improve my deck though. Should I replace something? Or craft something new? Nothing too expensive please :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay so after getting stressed out from trying to climb, I have finally reached Gold XD I changed my deck slightly on my own to try and see if I can make a deck I was somewhat satisfied with and could afford.
Got my hands on 3x Dioltas and probably gonna start saving up for Regalia. I definitely feel like my draws have become more consistent due having more copies of 3 (thanks for the tip guys).

(+2 Afterblaze)

Magmar still scares the crap out of me , so any tips would be great. I either get dominated or BARELY win.


Which general are you using? I assume Argyon?

Why prophet of the white palm? Interesting tech card I guess but maybe not the strongest overall. I’d take out both prophets and add 1x Azure Lion & 1x Ironcliffe Guardian.

I feel like between your 2x Sunbloom & Repulsor Beasts you have enough dispel/displacement. I would consider taking out the Ephemeral Shrouds and replace them either with Afterblaze or Holy Immolation (protip: Afterblaze + Divine Bond on an azure lion is potentially 22 damage!).

And you can never go wrong with Arclyte Regalia. If you ever get your hands on some then replace the Suntide Maidens.

Good luck!


Yeah, Argeon.
Well, my big minions usually get done for with spells so I guess that’s where I thought prophets were useful for securing the divine bond combo. Although it’s probably wasting space haha so yeah, I probably will replace with the Lion and Ironcliffe.
I need one more Aterblaze and Arclyte Regalia is still a long way to go for me but I’lll definitely consider it.

Really appreciate this, thanks!


A little update, I just ended a game dealing 26 damage with my Azurite Lion holy XD I love you man =P


Step 1) Use for deckbuilder. Please.

Step 2) Come back and tell us what General you’re using. Then we can help.


Don’t tell anyone about this or they’re going to start complaining about how Lyonar combos are OP!


If you want to protect your minions, use Aegis Barrier, which is a cantrip that prevents using spells on your biggest threats for longer than a turn. And Prophet won’t defend them when it comes to spells like Hailstone Prison, Ritual Banishing or Juxtaposition. But ofc it’s a legendary and not really a crafting priority.

Holy Immolation on the other hand is a card you should prioritize crafting, it’s an auto-include AoE in all Lyonar decks. You could replace Shieldmasters with it.

Also, Afterblaze looks like a good option for your deck, you have no draw with 16 cards that cost 2 or less, so you’re likely to run out.


Alright thanks for the suggestions! I have enough spirit for 2 Holy Immolations now so we’re getting somewhere here :slight_smile:


Try throwing in 2x sojourner for card draw, itll help a lot and is a good target to pull out enemy dispels. As far as eventual legendaries go id say definitely start with regalia. Also running 3 or 4 dispels is definitely not overkill lol.

Id do:
-2 prophet
-2 ephemeral
-2 repulsor (maybe)
+1 azurite
+1 ironcliffe
+2 sojourner

+2 healing mystic/aethermancer/sundrop elixir or +1 sunbloom and +1 tempest (maybe)

I love running 3x sunbloom and 3x tempest often :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’ll try adding those in!
I used to have sojourners but idk, i have no deck building skills whatsoever :stuck_out_tongue:
Although part of the problem is my decision making skills in-game haha.

Also, I’ve seen a lot of high ranking Lyonar players run Dioltas, Lightbender, Inquisitor Kron and the such. Are these cards I should be aiming for, along with regalia?


Theyre nice to have and good cards but not mandatory. No cards are really particularly mandatory, a lot of it is just deck design/deck synergy and player skill. Dioltas is especially useful for his tombstone, with 3 hp he can be gotten rid of relatively easy but the tombstone can soak up a lot of dmg and serve as a db threat, especially since hes not a legendary he can be a good one to pick up/craft earlier if you like.

Lightbender is good for a larger aoe dispel since you can dispel 9 spaces with him which can be really handy vs creep/swarm/aggro decks, the main downsides are that you have to be careful not to dispel your own units and get just a 3/3 with him and it contends in the 4 mana slot but again it depends a lot on your overall deck and decks your running into often. Kron is a great card and a solid legendary to craft although contrary to pop belief not an auto include (nothing is). Having an icg instead of a kron has won/saved me many games. An icg is a better db target and can soakup more dmg plus airdrop. Ive ran both individually and together and they both have pros and cons like any other card. I usually prefer sunbloom over lightbender since you can cast it at range and get more precise dispels and plus its only two mana vs four which is lighter on your mana curve, in my experience you can never go wrong running 2-3 sunbloom but lightbender can be a little bit trickier, or requires more attention in deck construction and board strategy.


I think this deck looks pretty good, especially on a budget. I’d take out the Martyrdoms for Lasting Judgements for this deck and swap the Healing Mystics for Primus Fists; I think you’ll benefit more from these more aggressive picks. I’d take out Bonereaper entirely because non-essential one-ofs make your draws less consistent for (imo) not enough gain. But really, the deck looks good; should easily carry you to Gold.


Really low on spirit at the moment (hence the budget XD) but I’ll definitely consider Lasting Judgement. I always find myself unable to decide whether I want Primus Fists or Healing Mystics haha. Bonereaper is already taken out though!
Glad to know it can get me to gold. Now it’s just a matter of improving my decision making skills which I feel I am indeed improving, so it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. Rank 13 so far. Cheers :slight_smile:

Edit: Aight, managed to get the Lasting Judgements which I’m really happy about, since I hardly even use Martyrdoms now that I think about it :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll definitely look into getting Dioltas’ in the future then. As for Lightbender and Kron - now that you’ve gone through the pros and cons of each, I’ll probably put them off (for now at least).

Also, should I have 2 or 3 Dioltas? And which card would it replace?
Other than that, this was extremely helpful and I really appreciate the help! :smiley:


Personally Id cut the two suntide maidens to fit in the dioltas, either 2 or 3 would be fine. I learned this as well from thematsjo to try to stick to running 2-3 of everything, slanted more towards 3x ofs (not necessarily religiously) to increase overall consistency. However some times i still keep a spread of 2x’s since i like versatility/diversity in my deck but I also play around with aethermancers quite a bit, i love that scrying er cycling :slight_smile: and glad to help!

Oh and Id recommend getting 2x holy immolation before dioltas. Hes a solid 4 drop but if he gets dispelled youve got 8 stats on him vs 9 with maiden vs holy immo is a freakin fantastic 4 cost spell and you can heal up icgs etc for a db with it too. So thats something to consider too.


Just a rule of thumb that I learned, the more three ofs (3 copies) if a card you have, the more consistent it will be. It may be tempting to run a lot of 2 copy cards, but the greater the variety, the more variable and inconsistent your deck will be~


Dang, this deck seems like it’s straight out of 1.6! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, real critiques now. At some point in the far future when you have enough dust to make legendaries, you should consider Inquisitor Kron. He seems to be staple in many decks, and would likely replace the Dancing Blades. Additionally, 2 Arclyte Regalia is very good in basically any Lyonar deck.

One thing I’m looking at is your Sun Bloom. You should keep yourself some data on how often Sun Bloom is better than Ephemeral Shroud (aka, dispels something out of reach or 2+ things at once) and see if you would rather have a 2/2 body with a single dispel instead of the 2x2 dispel.

Additionally, if this deck tends to be more aggressive, your Healing Mystics could be outclassed by Primus Fist, and Flameblood Warlocks could be considered.

If this deck tends to drag into the late game, you should consider one-of tech cards such as Circle of Life, Sky Phalanx, and possibly Solarius, dependent on match ups. Circle can also be good in heavy aggro match ups because it helps stabilize the board and heals you. I don’t actually know how good Solarius is, but the other two are played often enough.

The final card you should consider is Magnetize. I don’t know how often you’ve seen this card, but it is powerful. It can let you eliminate far off minions or pull of a repulsed minion for lethal. The flexibility of Magnetize turns it into an auto include in most of my Lyonar decks.

And just some cheese strats I like to play around with sometimes: Lyonar has access to a card called Auryn Nexus, buffing a minion for 3 health. Obviously, this works well with Divine Bond, and especially so with celerity. So what you do is play Manaforger+Azurite Lion on turn 1 going second. Then you play two Nexuses and a Divine Bond on the Lion (4 mana with Manaforger discount) and deal 22 damage to the opponents face! Even better is when you can also hit them with your general and Manaforger, dealing a full 25 damage on the second turn.

No, I have not yet achieved the turn 2 lethal dream…


Alright! I don’t know what to get rid of to make 3 copies though, kinda attached to what I have at the moment and they’ve seem to be doing their job relatively well haha. 2 Dioltas would save me spirit though :stuck_out_tongue:
Already got the 2x holy immolation as well :slight_smile:


Unfortunately I only arrived near the end of last month so I have no idea what 1.6 was like :stuck_out_tongue:
Inquisitor Kron is something I will definitely be getting in the future, probably as you said, in the far future though :slight_smile: I’ll try to get my hands on the Arclyte Regalia’s as early as possible though.

About the Sun Blooms, I’ll pay attention to how often it’s useful to me. As for Healing Mystics, like I said I’m always stuck between the two but they seem to work better for sticking my minions to the board (I think I go too ham with Primus Fists in my hand and run out of cards XD).

Some big cards there for me :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll consider them after obtaining the other cards of course.

I’ve seen magnetize once or twice while spectating some Diamond/S-rankers and thought it was interesting. I can see how it’s really useful though and not too expensive. What cards shall it replace?

And damn, that’s one dirty strat :wink: :wink: :wink:


Now this is just personal preference, but I might cut a Saberspine Tiger and a Dancing Blades. You have so much “Deal 3” in this deck from Lasting Judgement, Saberspine, and Dancing Blades. Judgement is good for tempoing out the early game, so those are good keeps, but Tigers often just ram into something to deal 3 damage and die, so it’s basically a worse Lasting Judgement. I am aware of the Saberspine Immolation combo, but trust me, everyone from Gold and up will probably be playing around Immolation. Immo would do the exact same thing if you played it on a Windblade Adept.

Just my two cents. I’m sure someone out there disagrees with me.