How can i improve my deck new guy lookinh for help?



Looks pretty solid on most parts, except it could possibly use some more 2 drops. I find the magic number is at least 10, else I’ll have a few games without a first turn play and that annoys the bejebus out of me!

I’d possibly drop 1 Martydom and 1 Sun Seer for 2x Primus Fists. These are also useful for that extra burst damage when Divine Bonding those Ironcliffs/Tombstones.

I’d also try and find a way to fit in something else big to work with divine bond, since it looks like your main win condition (as you have no other minions at 5 mana or more other than cliffs) I’d be tempted to drop one of your immolations for maybe an ironcliffe heart or for even a boring dragonbone golem.


Sun seer its actually a card im?not so sure about. Ill change both of them for primus iron fist as you are absolutely right. What other big theath can i have??? Another dioltas for a martydom? Thanx for the help btw!!


add a third azurite lion for sure and id cut some lower mana cards for more up the scale like dancing blades, will post more later but gettin off now to go watch mr robot. looks pretty solid overall though like psyrus said although maybe cut 1 or 2 dispels also, gl though!


Thanx for the feedback mate :slight_smile: im currwntly ranked 16… i dont understand why, but seems to work !!! Lol