How can I improve my deck? just started


Hi, need help i’m new. My rank is 13 and i dont know what to do with my deck. Should I replace something? Or craft something new? I have got 2000 spirit right now. And i need goal to develop my deck.


It looks pretty good tbh. I’d just find a place for 1 or 2 more Sojs as you lack draw. Maybe consider removing tempest? You could also use craft 3x dioltas to use instead of sun maidens. They work extremely well with DB and just in general tend to have more impact than maidens. Ironcliffe Heart is also worth considering but I don’t think it’s as good as people made it out to be. Eventually you also want to get Krons as they’re good in almost any deck, so it only makes sense a value provoke minion such as him will be good in a deck that is all about high value minions and spells that support them.


Agree with Raqyee here on most parts, especially dioltas.

Divine Bond looks like your main win condition, so you’ll want more beasties to do finish the game up. I’d make room for 1 Ironcliffe Heart and a Dragonbone Golem (A 20/10 from one divine bond is uber burst, and he’s a good solid drop late game that doesnt require DB to be scary, and dispel still gives him 10 attack)

If you dont put the golem in, I’d at least put in something big and beefy above 5 mana that can also function as a secondary win condition in case you dont get the DB combos off.

Hope this helps,



Thanks fo help i really appreciate it. I make something like this: plus Ironcliff heart.
i plan to craft Krons. Any further improvments ?


Looks great.

Only one way to test it now but… Play play play!

Let us know how you go