How about a ladder with monthly rewards for Gauntlet?


Ho there,

I was wondering whether it might be a good idea to add some sort of long term incentive to playing Gauntlet - in addition to the rewards you get for each run. Once you’ve hit whatever rank you were aiming for in ranked for the month, it feels as if it would be cool if you had some other long-term goal to slowly progress towards - preferably in Gauntlet.

For example, on Magic Online you have Draft Leagues in which you are awarded a Trophy whenever you go 3-0 in a draft (the maximum of wins you can get with any given deck). In Faeria you get some sort of Arena token when you pass a certain amount of wins with a deck. Would it be reasonable/enjoyable to have something like that in Duelyst?

It could just track all the wins you have, or give you points based on the number of wins you get (with a progressive point distribution most likely) and then at the end of the month players are rewarded with some little gift for their Gauntlet exploits. It could also show a ladder in which you can see how everybody else is doing and by that maybe get more players to play Gauntlet.

Yay? Nay?


I agree. A reward system that tracked your success and rewarded you for doing well in gauntlet would be really neat. Getting a voucher for a free entry into the gauntlet after doing sufficiently well sounds like a good idea. Duelyst should copy the Pandora Token that Faeria has. It’d be a cool reward.